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Chapter 27: War Is Meaningless

No. Not much, just when I was initiating them into sannyas.

But you are slowly withdrawing yourself, one believes.

Yes, that’s true, because now I can have a contact even from a distance. Now physical contact is not necessary, particularly with my people. Even though I never come out of my room, they know I am there. They know, and they feel. In the beginning it was necessary to come into contact, because that was the only language those people could have understood.

As love deepens, as meditation deepens, distance makes no difference. I have my communes all around the world. Those people who are in a commune in Germany or in Holland or in Switzerland feel me as deeply as my people who are here.

But you have this gorgeous feminine mafia in between.

That is true. Love always has a feminine mafia in between. It is really gorgeous!


Just be here and you will see the whole of Arabian Nights is actually lived here.

You speak, among other things, of freedom. Freedom of all kinds: intellectual, emotional, sexual. How can you yourself live such a rigid, boring, dull, disciplined life?

It is not disciplined for me, it is not dull for me, it is not rigid for me. To me, it is the most comfortable life. It is not that I have disciplined myself; it is that, living in many ways, I have found the most comfortable way, the most luxurious way to live.

But surely the most comfortable and the most luxurious is not necessarily the best way to live one’s life?

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