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Chapter 10: Pope the Polack Is the Antichrist

Questions from “The Rajneesh Times”, Italy

For the last month, the Vatican has been suggesting to the Italian Catholic media to keep silent about your existence. Such a thing has not even happened regarding the terrorists. This seems to show that the pope is afraid of you.
Please comment.

The pope and other religious leaders of the world are not afraid of terrorists, but they are afraid of me. The reason is that the terrorists cannot destroy their very roots, cannot destroy their very existence. They may kill a few people here and there, but they cannot take away the vested interests totally.

I can do that.

I am a bigger terror to them, although I am not a terrorist. I am absolutely nonviolent.

Their fear is basically because they are standing on fictitious ground. They have no argument for existing anymore; they cannot provide any reason why they are needed. And I can provide every reason why their very existence is a hindrance for human progress, for the coming of a superman. They are keeping people in every way retarded just so that they can exploit them.

And they have been exploiting for centuries. They have repeated their lies so often that they almost appear as truths.

Man’s mind is a very mysterious mechanism: If you go on saying to it something which is absolutely baseless, first it will not listen to it; first it will laugh about it. But if you go on, without bothering about its laughter or ignorance, soon it will become serious: “There must be something in it if the man is so persistent.” And if this goes on for centuries, you forget completely that the beginnings of religion are out of fear.

Man started to create a god out of fear - not out of knowledge, not out of love. He was surrounded by wild animals - the most helpless being on the earth. In the night there was darkness and he was continuously in danger of being attacked. So when fire was found for the first time, it became a god - in India they still worship fire - because then man could make a bonfire, a lighted space, and remain close to the fire. Animals are afraid of fire, it was warmer, there was light; there was no fear - animals could come near - naturally, fire became a god.

In the oldest book on the earth, the Rigveda, more prayers are devoted to the god of fire than to any other god. Slowly, slowly more and more gods came in. If you want to see the whole scene of gods, you have to look into the ten-thousand-year history of religious development in India, because that is the country where religion first began.

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