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Chapter 6: Enough unto Yourself

Be ripe, be yourself, be worthy of a master rewarding you. And the master can reward you in only one way: by waking you up. Whatsoever means he has to adopt are arbitrary.

Kankei lived with Rinzai from that time on,
and afterwards used to say,
“When I saw Rinzai, there was no talking or explanation.
Now I am quite full, and feel no hunger.”

Six years he lived with Rinzai. Not a single word passed from Rinzai’s lips towards Kankei. Only silence was the communication. But in six years’ time, Kankei was able to say: “When I saw Rinzai, there was no talking or explanation. Now I am quite full, and feel no hunger.”

A master, just by his presence, can also awaken you. It all depends on you. If your longing to be awake in this sleeping world is total, then this very moment you will find yourself full, without any hunger.

Basho told how he first met with the master, Nanto.
He said, “When I was twenty years old,
I went on a pilgrimage, and reached where Nanto was living.
Ascending the rostrum, Nanto said,
‘All you people, if you are enlightened,
you will come out of your mother’s womb and roar like a lion.
You know what this roaring means?’“
Basho added, “Immediately my mind and body
were rendered motionless,
and I stopped with him for five years.”

Just the way he said “roaring,” just the way he was - his presence, his heartbeat - and Basho lived with him for five years without a single word passing between the master and the disciple.

And Basho became one of the greatest masters in his own right. He deserved it. Every man of silence, of love, of no-mind is a born master. Whether he has disciples or not, it does not matter. The master can be alone and yet be the master. His being a master does not depend on followers, on disciples, but on his own awareness.

Turiya, this has to be the basic philosophy for the Anti-Hoff-Fischerman. I call it Hoff-Fischerman because to say Hoffmann is not right. Man cannot be “half,” even in Germany. Either man is total, full, or he is absent.

Turiya, you have to work out the process in detail, in which the ego is destroyed, without destroying the individuality. Individuality has to be sharpened, freedom has to be made more and more fragrant. Everybody has to be given wings and the whole sky as their territory, unlimited.

Maneesha has asked a question:

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