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Chapter 25: The Same Vicious Circle

A man that is not all three, in deep harmony - the mind serving the heart, the heart serving the being, and the being belonging to the intelligence spread all over existence.. People have called it God; I love to call it godliness. There is nothing above it.

I will read your question, Mandira. Do you remember the meaning of your name that I have given to you: Prem Mandira, “Love Temple.” In your question there are many misunderstandings.

You are saying, “Osho, You always talk against the mind.” I have to talk against the mind, because of you, because you are clinging so much to the mind. You drop clinging and I will never even mention the word.

I am tired of talking against it. It has not done any harm to me, it is not my enemy; it has served me perfectly. It is because of you that I have to go on and on, until one day you decide, “Let us try to put the mind aside.” And you say to it, “Shut up for the moment.” Unless you all get out of the cage of the mind, I will have to talk against it; although I am not against it.

“You are saying that we should drop it, tell it to shut up.” I say drop it if you want to meditate. And the moment you are going to the marketplace, pick it up. Who is preventing you? Is there a need that you should continually cling to it for twenty-four hours? - because tomorrow you are going to the marketplace, so in the night you also have to keep it with you, under your blanket? Are you afraid that it will escape?

I say drop it because I want you to feel that you are the master. If you want to drop it you can drop it, and if you want to pick it up, you can pick it up. It is just a mechanism.

“You are saying that it is not needed in the search for truth.” It is not needed. As far as the search for truth is concerned, it is not needed. On the contrary, it is a hindrance.

And truth is not available in the marketplace; it is not something you can purchase, not something that you can steal, not something that you can borrow - it is something within you. But it is beyond the reach of the mind. The reach of the mind is only to outside things. As far as your inner world is concerned, mind is absolutely impotent. It is not its fault; it is not made for that purpose.

As far as truth is concerned, you need a state of no-mind - I mean no thought, not even a ripple in your consciousness, no disturbance - just absolute silence.

One discovers one’s truth only in silence, in aloneness. Even your mind will not be a witness to it .

And Mandira, you are absolutely wrong in saying, “You seem to regret that none of your sannyasins is a Nobel Prize winner.” Where you got the idea from, I don’t know.

I have certainly said that the vegetarians have not been able to get a single Nobel Prize. And the reason is that intelligence needs certain chemicals, certain proteins, which are not available in their vegetarian food. But I am not regretting it, I am simply stating a fact.

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