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Chapter 10: When the Heart Is Ready the Guest Comes

Just writing a poem may release a great source of energy. Making any beautiful act, doing any compassionate act, sharing something that you have, in abundance, with anybody.and your super-conscious will start coming more and more to the conscious mind. Now it has got a door to move into the world.

And when the super-conscious is completely empty, then the collective super-conscious starts dropping its great hidden treasures. And when the collective super-conscious is emptied you have come to the ultimate glory, the cosmic conscious.

From this cosmic super-conscious mind, each of your conscious acts starts taking on a fragrance of divinity, of godliness. Whatever you touch becomes gold, whatever you say becomes truth. Each of your movements in life creates ripples of beauty, joy, ecstasy, which will go to the farthest ends of existence, touching millions of people who have never known you and who may never know you - but they will share your joy.

You may have felt it sometime: you are sitting, feeling good, and suddenly you become sad and you don’t know why. It is that somebody is releasing ripples of sadness just close by, and they are strong enough to have an impact on you.

Sometimes you feel just the opposite: you feel very light, weightless - for no reason - a freshness, a joy. You cannot even say to anybody, “I am feeling joyous;” they will think you are crazy because there is no reason to feel joy.

What is the reason? You cannot give the reason because you don’t know it yourself. It is just somebody’s joy that has created a ripple that has touched you.

We are very sensitive beings. Like the antenna of your radio, we go on catching every ripple that comes close to us - very subtle ripples.

Most of the time you are suffering other people’s sufferings and just once in a while you are enjoying somebody else’s joy - because the sad and the miserable are many, and the joyful, blissful are very few, very rare.

If you can understand this, you will also feel a certain distance when you feel sadness. It may not have anything to do with you. When you feel a certain happiness, a certain pleasure, it may not have anything to do with you. You can keep a certain distance and you can watch these feelings - and watching these feelings will help you to find your own sources.

Man is born with great treasures, but he is also born with the whole animal heritage, and somehow we have to empty out the animal heritage and create a space for the treasure to come to the conscious and be shared - because that is one of the qualities of the treasure: the more you share it, the more you have it.

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