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Chapter 35: Existence Is Only in the Present

Only in this state of no-mind do you meet existence. And that meeting is the ultimate ecstasy. Once you have tasted it, you will never bother about the future. You know how to live in the present, so in the future also - it will be coming as the present, it will not come as the future - you will know the art.

And it is not that my presence is making people happy here; it is their own presence. Certainly they have learned the art of being in the present, but now they are absolutely independent of me. They are not my followers, I am nobody’s leader - I hate such words!

To me, the most beautiful word in the human language is “friend.” And the most beautiful experience in life is that of being friendly with someone who is authentically herenow. Because to be friendly with him, you will have to be here and now; otherwise, you cannot shake hands with the man, you cannot converse with the man, you cannot be with the man. The distance between you and him will be unbridgeable.

But once you have tasted the beauty, the benediction of the present moment, its eternity, its deathlessness, you simply forget all about the past, all about the future. You have the master key. Whatever door comes before you, you will be able to unlock it.

But I feel sorry for you; you can see your wife is happy, you can see the people are happy, you yourself feel happy being here - then what is there out in the world? Perhaps a good job, more money, more power, respectability. But are they worth it if they destroy your happiness, if they destroy you? if they destroy your life, if they kill you before your death comes?

Millions of people in the world are dead - although they go on breathing, working. And perhaps it will take years for them to be recognized as dead, but they are dead. There is no smile on their face, nothing flowers in their being; no song arises, no dance, no laughter. Every moment they are missing life - which is so precious that you cannot purchase it. Even if you give everything you have, not even a single moment can be purchased; it is not a commodity, it is a gift unconditionally given by nature. And you have taken it for granted. You have not been even thankful to existence, you have not shown any gratitude.

To me, unless you feel full of joy, bursting with happiness, you will not be able to have that great quality of gratitude towards existence.

That quality is authentic religiousness.

So rather than thinking about the future, about what will happen to this commune, think about your present. This time, just be here and don’t go anywhere. Enjoy risking - it is great excitement - risking all for nothing, because we have nothing to offer to you except what you already have.

I take away from people what they don’t have, and I give to people what they already have. My work is very simple.

Why have the old religions failed in transforming humanity?

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