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Chapter 1: A Meeting with the Guest

This waiting is prayer, this waiting is meditation. This waiting is what is meant by being a host. The moment you have become a host the guest comes, inevitably comes; it has never been otherwise. It is not that you have to find God; if you are ready God finds you. And how can you find God? - you don’t know his address, you don’t know where he is, you don’t know his face. Even if you come across him you will not be able to recognize him. Even if you meet him the meeting is not going to be any meeting because you will not recognize him. How can you recognize him? You have never seen him before.

Man cannot seek God: this is the message of these sutras. God can seek man.

Then what has to be done by man? He should be ready, he should be available. If a hand comes from the beyond he should not shrink back. If a voice comes from the beyond he should be ready to listen. If his mind is noisy he will not be able to listen to it. And if he comes and knocks on your door, you should be ready to open the door, you should not be afraid of him. Yes, when the unknown comes fear arises, and when God knocks on your door it is a death for you.and a resurrection - but the resurrection will come later on. First the crucifixion, first you will have to die.

Being with God means only one thing: dissolving in him - just as rivers come from the mountains and disappear into the ocean. Maybe there is a moment when the river hesitates. Kahlil Gibran says somewhere: I have watched rivers falling into the ocean and I think that for a moment they hesitate, for a moment the fear grips them - the vast ocean, and the river is going to lose its identity, and forever. Kahlil Gibran says: I have seen rivers looking back with great nostalgia at all the mountains that they have crossed, and the plains, and the beautiful trees on the banks, and the sunrises and the sunsets, and a thousand and one things. There is great nostalgia for all the memories and a great desire not to lose one’s identity, but the river cannot go back.

Man can go back, that is the problem. The river is bound to fall into the ocean, but man can turn back even from the ultimate door. If fear grips you and you become too protective of your separate existence, of your personality, of your ego, if you have really a strong ego, you may turn back or you may close your doors. You may not listen to the voice of the beyond.

And let me tell you, God comes every day and knocks on your doors. Sometimes he comes as the wind and knocks on your doors, but you don’t open your doors. And sometimes he comes in the rains, but you don’t go into the open and you don’t stand under the sky to be soaked by him. No, you hide, you open your umbrellas. And you have psychological umbrellas too, and whenever he comes you avoid, whenever he comes across you, you escape.

Kabir says: If you want the guest, be a host. Welcome him, receive him, embrace him. And he always comes, continuously comes - every moment of your life he is coming and searching for you; you go on avoiding. All that is needed on your part is not a search for God but availability - when God comes to be ready to surrender, when the ocean comes to disappear into it. Slip like a dewdrop.silently, prayerfully. Dancing, laughing, loving, disappear.

Sai mile sukh hoy.. Kahat kabir suno bhai pyare.