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Chapter 3: Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

Be a river.yes, they are right..Close your eyes and try to catch him, he is slipping by. Why close your eyes? Because in the beginning it will be difficult to see him from without. There are so many forms, you may get lost. There is so much all around, so complicated is the world that you may get lost. Start from the simple - start from yourself. Close your eyes; then there is only one - you! It is simple to become acquainted that way. Close your eyes and see him; he is continuously slipping by. It is your consciousness, the essential man. The Bauls call him the adhar manush. He is in you, in your essence, but he is continuously slipping by, going ahead. That’s how he evolves. God is evolution and God is revolution also, because sometimes he moves slowly, and sometimes he moves very fast.

One has to be very alert to keep pace with him. If you lose your alertness, he is gone. Then one never knows when one will come across him again. One moment lost in unawareness and he will be at the farthest end of the world. One has to remain constantly alert, aware. But first watch him inside. Not that he’s not outside; he’s there also - because all is his, within and without. But first it is easier to understand him within yourself. Once seen there, you will be able to see him everywhere. Once understood: there, open your eyes, and he is standing all around you: in the trees, in the birds, in the man, in the woman, in the rocks, in the rivers, in the mountains, in the clouds. But first, get introduced to him.

And the best introduction, and the easiest possible, is to close your eyes and look, watch there. You will find the snake always moving and leaving its old skin. This is the flow of life energy.

The Bauls’ god is not a dead, stagnant concept. It is not a god sitting somewhere on a golden throne in the seventh heaven. The Bauls’ god is a very alive god, kicking in you, streaming in you. The Bauls’ god is nothing but a synonym for life. LIFE written with capital letters is what the Bauls’ god is all about.

The Bauls say,

“My heart is saturated,
but I wish I knew with what -
joy or death.”

Strange is the feeling when you become acquainted with God: you cannot say what it is, you cannot describe it. It is so contradictory, so paradoxical.

“My heart is saturated,
but I wish I knew with what -
joy or death.”

He is both: death and resurrection, cross and rebirth.

“A sense of wonder
has overtaken all.
Where is that ocean
and where are the rivers?
And yet still
the waves are there for you to observe,
only if you unite
your eyes with your heart.”

That is the meaning of “close your eyes” - so that you can bring your heart and your eyes parallel, united. Only if you unite your eyes with your heart, then suddenly you will see the god of all paradoxes, the mad and the source of all reason, life and the source of all death.

The Bauls say,