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Chapter 4: Above All, the Truth of Man - Beyond That, Nothing

Ninety percent of man’s life is still part of the animal world. We live by instinct.

You fall in love with a woman, or a woman falls in love with you, and you think it is something great. It is nothing great, it is simple instinctive infatuation: it is hormones being attracted by the opposite hormones. You are just a plaything in the hands of nature. No animal bothers about the delicacies and subtleties of love, but man feels that just to be instinctive is insulting, humiliating: your love is just biochemistry? Your love is poetry, your love is art, your love is philosophy - but biochemistry? It seems as if you are ashamed of your biology, of your chemistry, of your nature. But this is not the way of understanding. You have to understand exactly what is what.

Distinctions have to be clear, otherwise you will remain always confused. Your ego will go on making you project as high as possible things which have nothing to do with anything higher than the lowest strata. Your love is just an illusion created by your chemistry.

Just think: if the romantic idea of love is taken away then I don’t think any man or woman would be able to stand sex and its absurdity. It would look so stupid. Just take away the romantic idea and think in straight terms of biology and chemistry; then your sex will make you feel ashamed. There is nothing in it to brag about.

Just imagine yourself making love to a man or a woman with no romance, with no poetry, no Omar Khayyam, no Shelley, no Byron - just as a reproduction process because nature wants to procreate through you, because nature knows you are going to die. You are not permanent; before you die nature wants that life to continue. But man cannot go into sex unless he has something romantic about it, so he has created great smoke around sex, which he calls love. He pretends, even believes that it is love - but watch more carefully.

You are interested in a man or a woman. The natural instinct in a woman is to play hide-and-seek. It is very strange that in all the cultures, all over the world, the small kids play two games without fail. Their religions are different, their cultures are different, their races are different, their societies, their languages - everything is different - but as far as these two games are concerned, whether they are born in Africa or China or America or India, it makes no difference.

One is the game of hide-and-seek. It is strange why, all over the world, not a single culture has existed on the earth where children have not played the game of hide-and-seek. It seems to be something to do with instinct, as if they are preparing for some bigger game of hide-and-seek. This is just a rehearsal, and then for the whole of life the game is continued.

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