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Chapter 11: Bring the Dawn, Dispel the Darkness

Seeing the situation - of course Albert Einstein was not going to be killed, he was too valuable - he escaped from Germany. He did not want to make the atom bomb for Adolf Hitler. It was a simple human reaction - so many of his people, his friends, had been killed. He wrote a letter to President Roosevelt of America: “I can come to America and I can create the atom bomb. I have the whole secret with me. And whosoever has the atom bomb is going to be the victor in the second world war.” Immediately Roosevelt invited him and created all the facilities to make the atom bomb.

By the time the atom bomb was ready, Roosevelt was no longer president; Truman had come in his place. Germany was defeated, and it was only a question of seven days at the most - that’s what all military experts of the world agree before Japan was going to surrender. There was no way.because all the power had been coming from Germany. Japan was only an associate. And even American generals advised Truman, “Now there is no need to use atom bombs. With ordinary bombs, within seven days, Japan will have to surrender.” But Truman would not listen.

Again Albert Einstein wrote a letter, saying that now there was no need. But now who cares about Albert Einstein? The bombs are in the hands of the president. And Truman, for no reason at all, bombed two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Big cities.each city had more than one hundred thousand people, and within five minutes all those people had evaporated. Such destruction had never been heard of. And it was a destruction which was not needed.

Truman was in a hurry. He was afraid that if Japan surrendered, then there would be no opportunity to use atomic bombs, which had been created with so much money. And he would not be able to show the whole world that America was the greatest power, that he was the man who holds the key to the greatest power. Those bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not meant just to defeat Japan. Their basic purpose was totally different - an ego fulfillment for President Truman: “I am the greatest, the most powerful man in the whole world, and my nation has come to the top.”

This has been happening again and again.

Before the second world war, nobody was ready to believe that such destructive weapons had ever existed. In the old scriptures of India, the story of the Mahabharata, the great Indian war of five thousand years ago, is just mythological. It was inconceivable that such powerful weapons were available five thousand years ago. But since the second world war it is now absolutely clear from the description in the Mahabharata, that they had discovered something close to atomic energy. They destroyed a great civilization, but the destruction came from within their own civilization.

Again we are moving towards the same situation. The destruction is not coming from some other planet, we are preparing our own graves. We may be aware, we may not be aware - we are all grave diggers, and we are all digging our own graves. Right now there are only five nations who are in possession of nuclear weapons. And nuclear weapons are millions of times more powerful than the second world war atom bombs. Now scientists say that compared to modern nuclear weapons, the second world war atom bombs seem to be like fire-crackers.

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