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Chapter 8: Live in Eternity

Now they have done two things. One: they have accepted Buddha as God’s incarnation, and they have rejected his teaching, because the teaching is a corruption; it is to corrupt. “To be a Buddhist is to be corrupted. To be a Buddhist is a guarantee for going to hell. So pay respect to the Buddha because he is an incarnation of God, but never listen to what he says. Never follow him. Be watchful. Be alert.”

The same they did with Mahavira: they ignored Mahavira. Not even the name of Mahavira is mentioned in any Hindu scripture. Such a potential being, such a powerful being, such a magnetic personality - and not even the name is mentioned? They ignored him; they played another trick: just to ignore.

The Jews crucified Jesus and committed a grave mistake. They made Jesus very important. I am not saying that he was not an important man, he was: he was absolutely important. But if they had ignored him, there would have been no Christianity. Because they killed Jesus? Christianity took revenge - with vengeance! And down the ages, for two thousand years, Christians have been killing Jews in one way or another.

And the wound remains open. You cannot forgive Jesus. In fact, you cannot forgive yourself that you crucified this man. It has been the gravest error. Now there is no way to undo it. It is the Jew within you that will not allow you to understand Jesus.

You say: “As a Jew I could never accept his teachings.”

And his teachings are nothing but the flowering of the Jewish tradition. The Jewish tradition has come of age in Jesus. It is the fulfillment of all the Jewish desires, ambitions and longings. It is the fulfillment of Moses.

But certainly the root of a tree looks different from the flower of the tree. They don’t look alike.

The root is ugly, the root is not beautiful. To be beautiful is not its function. Its function is something totally different: to nourish the tree, to nourish the leaves, the foliage, the fruits, the flower. And it hides underneath the ground, it doesn’t come up, it doesn’t show up. It remains there hidden underneath the ground and goes on working there. If you have seen a rose flower, and then you dig for the roots and put the roots by the side of the flower, you will be surprised. There seems to be no relationship. And yet, I say to you, the flower is the fulfillment of the root. And the root has existed for the flower, and without the flower the root was meaningless. Its existence would have been sheer wastage.

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