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Chapter 12: Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard

At the very center of your being, ten directions are converging - the whole universe is meeting within you.

Each learning to do nothing,
This is the hall of Buddha’s training.

The only thing to be learned is not to do anything, but just be. Doing moves you. Doing, in the beginning at least, may take you away from witnessing; you may forget to witness. So in the beginning, just be - silent, utterly immobile, as if dead, so that you can experience being in its purity.

Once experienced, you can bring the same quality, the same grace, the same bliss, to your actions in the ordinary life.

Then there is no difference between meditation and life. Then whatever you are doing is your meditation. If you are not doing anything, that is your meditation, because all along, twenty-four hours, you are rooted in your being. You are luminous. Your light, your fire is burning so high that there is no way to forget it. It is radiating all around you. Those who are perceptive, receptive, sensitive, will experience your fire, your life, your song.your dance, even though you are not moving at all.

All that is needed is, mind should be empty. The ultimate experience is the experience of no mind.

Mind is a faculty to work in the world. It has no way to reach to your very center, which is far away, back. Mind cannot go backwards, it has no reverse gears; it can only go forward. You can take it to the mountains, to the stars, wherever you want, but you cannot take it to your own being.

If you want to go to your own being, you will have to leave the mind; you will have to go alone. You will have to go in silence, without thought.

And once, just once you know what freedom, what joy, what eternity, what tremendous life bursts forth in you as no-mind is entered, the spring has come to you. Thousands of flowers of eternity blossom. You have come to know the master key that opens all the doors of all the mysteries of existence.

But it has nothing to do with the mind or thinking.

No thought, no mind, no choice - just being silent, rooted in yourself, rejoicing. Thrilled with the experience, overflowing with great benediction to the whole universe - this is the only religion I know of.

All other religions are just frauds.

Ho-o wrote:

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