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Chapter 8: Simply Get Out by the Door

It was a typical shop selling Roman Catholic religious goods and there were many statues of the saints. With savage energy a Protestant Orangeman shattered them with his stick. In court he explained why.

“Milord, I couldn’t pass the place by and not do something. If there’s one thing I hate it’s bigotry!”

You are asking me: “.working to help brothers out of the molasses seems also to keep me from flying.” If you cannot fly, you cannot be rooted in the earth either. The question of synthesis does not arise. A tree is rooted in the earth: the deeper its roots go, the higher its branches rise. The tree can whisper with the clouds only if its roots go very deep into the earth; the proportion is the same: the higher the tree, the deeper the roots. There is a balance. The tree can touch the stars, but then the roots have to go to the very rock-bottom.

I don’t see that there is any question of synthesis between flying and remaining on the earth. In fact, a tree which is only roots is not a tree. Roots are ugly, that’s why nature keeps them hidden underneath the earth. And a tree which has no roots cannot survive, not even for a single moment; it cannot grow, it will be dead immediately. It is possible to flower, but it is possible only because of the roots.

You are asking me as if there is a question of choosing whether to fly or whether to remain on the earth, and I say to you: both are possible only in togetherness; you cannot do one alone.

If you feel the magic of this place then be immersed in that magic, be drunk with it! Then one day perhaps you may be of some help to humanity.

The sales manager had a busy week in the country, and on Saturday evening he was exhausted when he dropped into the local bar to have a quick one before going home.

“Give me something to pick me up,” he asked.

“Brandy? Vodka? Tullamore Dew? Bushmills?”

“No, no. I need something different.”

“Well,” said the barman with hesitation, “the only thing that might do it would be our Rajneesh’s special.”

“I’ll try it!” said the sales manager - and he had to admit that the first made him feel a new man, while the second and the third sent him home floating on air.

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