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Chapter 4: The Blessed One

A man without God is not a man at all. He resembles man, but he is not a man because he has no transcending meaning in him. He is like a tree without flowers. The tree exists in a futile way, no fulfillment. Unless flowers bloom and the fragrance is released to the winds, the tree exists in vain. You can go and listen deeply; you will find it crying and weeping. Deep in its heart you will find pain. When flowers come to a tree, poetry has started happening, something transcendental.

Can you ever imagine flowers by looking at the roots? If you have never seen any flowers and I bring the roots of a beautiful flowering bush and show you the roots, can you imagine that flowers are possible from looking at ugly roots? You will simply deny. But hidden in these roots are flowers.

Somebody is needed to nourish these roots, to protect these roots, to water these roots, to give them light and shade and sun and wind and rains, and one needs to be tremendously trusting that something is going to happen, because long will be the awaiting. Then one day just a miracle happens - the tree is blooming. You cannot believe your eyes. How did those ugly roots get so transfigured? so transformed? How have those ugly roots become such beautiful roses? Impossible. Illogical. It should not really happen. It goes against all reasoning. But it is so.

If you exist without a God, you are a tree without flowers, a rosebush without roses. And what is a rosebush without roses? Just thorns..

When I call myself Bhagwan, I am simply saying to you, “Look at me - the roses have bloomed. And what has happened to me can happen to you. So don’t feel desperate and don’t feel depressed. Look at me and your hope will come back, and you will not feel hopeless.

“Allow me to enter you. At least allow my fragrance to enter your nostrils. Let me get to your heart. Let me stir your heart a little so that your own flowers start growing, your own buds start opening their petals.”

Calling myself Bhagwan is just a device. I can drop it any day. The moment I see it has started working, the chain has started. The moment I see that now it is no more needed.a few people have become a flame; then they will be enough proof. There will be no need to call myself Bhagwan. They will be enough proof. If a few of my sannyasins start blooming, I will drop calling myself Bhagwan. The device will have worked.

A few years back, one day I called Yoga Chinmaya and told him to find a new word for me because I was going to function in a new way. I was known all over the country as the Acharya. The acharya means a master, a teacher, and I was a teacher, and I was teaching and traveling. That was just the introductory part of my work; that was to invite people.

Once the invitation reached, I stopped traveling. Now those who want, they should come to me. I have gone to their home, knocked on their doors. I have told them that I am here and any day the desire arises in them, they can come. I will wait. I have shown them the path towards me. And then one day I called Yoga Chinmaya and I told him, “Now find a new word for me because the word teacher will not be enough.”

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