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Chapter 13: The Taste of Now

For example, a seed is there. The seed accepts itself. It doesn’t mean that now the seed cannot grow, because a seed means only a potentiality for growth - nothing else. To be a seed means to be a potentiality for growth. A seed accepts itself. It means the growth is accepted; it is a natural thing. The seed is not going to make any effort to be a tree, because effort is needed only when you are going to become something which you are not. Remember this: effort is needed only when you are going to be something which you are not. And that which you are not you cannot be, whatsoever the effort may be.

We grow only to be ourselves, so effort in a deeper sense is useless; you are wasting energy. Struggle is useless; you are wasting energy. Acceptance doesn’t mean no growth, it means a natural flow of growth, with no struggle towards it. Struggle creates a feverish mind. And why struggle? Against whom are you struggling? That which is possible for you, you can grow into it. Accept yourself totally, and then flow with existence. There will be growth, but this growth will be natural, spontaneous. It will not be a strained thing. A buddha grows to be a buddha. Really, there is no effort - it is a flow.

If you want to be a buddha, then there will be struggle. So many have tried, thousands have tried, to be a buddha. Then it is a struggle, because that buddhahood is not in their seed. They can be something else. Their destiny is different, but they are trying to imitate someone.

So, thousands have followed Buddha, but they have not created a single buddha. They have created imitation buddhas. They have created copies, carbon copies, false, dead, with no life in them. Whenever you follow someone else, you will have to struggle. Whenever you are ready to accept your own destiny, there is no need of any struggle. You will grow into it. And every individual is unique, and every individual has his own destiny.

Acceptance means be whatsoever the whole wills to be through you. Don’t fight. If you are a roseflower, then be a roseflower; don’t try to be a lotus. There is no struggle. A roseflower becomes a roseflower. But teach it, give it ideals, and the rosebud can begin to imagine and think itself to be something else. Then there will be struggle, strain, worry.

And not only is the whole effort going to be just wasted, not only is there not going to be any positive result but there will be negative consequences also. If a roseflower tries to be a lotus, that is impossible, so the possibility is canceled. But in the effort, in the struggle to be a lotus, it is possible that now this flower may not even be a roseflower because the energy is dissipated.

The principle of total acceptance is simply this: accept yourself and flow with nature. Wheresoever it leads you, that’s your destiny. Don’t come in between; don’t try to pull yourself to be something else. That is struggle.

This is what is meant by Tao, this is what is meant by dharma, this is what is meant by the inner swabhava, the inner nature. Follow it. And when I say follow it, I don’t mean make some effort. Really, allow it to be, allow your destiny to be. Don’t come in between: allow your destiny to grow. Then a different evolution takes place - evolution of consciousness, not of things. So you may not get a bigger house through acceptance, but you will get a bigger soul. You may not get richer economically, but you will certainly get richer spiritually.

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