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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

It is always the mind that gets it, or does not get it; the watcher simply watches. No idea is formed, just absolute silence prevails. And in that moment is the seeing, knowing, experiencing - without any thought. Can’t you experience anything without any thought? You will have to learn, because mind has been trained for centuries just to think every experience in words.

You see a beautiful roseflower: immediately the mind says, “How beautiful!” You may not say it aloud, you are not that insane, but silently you will say, “How beautiful!” But in saying it, you miss the experience of the beauty of the flower.

The moment you said, “How beautiful!” you went far away from the flower. You have already compared it with your past experiences of the flower. And remember, your past experiences must have been just like this: they were not experiences because those times also you would have missed in the same way, by saying, “How beautiful!” You have always been missing the train!

Standing by the side of a roseflower, just stand there. Can’t you keep for a few seconds just a watching state of consciousness, with no interference of words - beautiful, ugly, red, yellow? No, just stand by the side - and it is not difficult; it needs just a little knack, and you can practice it anytime, doing anything. Just don’t allow words to come in between you and what is happening.

Once this knack is learned.the same is the situation inside. Of course, the inside experience is inexpressible, and tremendously more vast and profound than the beauty of a roseflower or the beauty of a sunset; but what you have to do is the same. Just relish it, drown in it, and if for a few seconds..

It has been counted exactly by one person, and that is Mahavira - and I agree with him because I have counted it also: it is exactly forty-eight seconds. If you can manage this state of watching without any word interfering for forty-eight seconds - I am not asking much, not even a whole minute, twelve seconds less. It is something of a law of existence that within forty-eight seconds the experience is complete. Then nobody can take it from you, you cannot fall from it. You can come to America, you can come to Oregon - you cannot fall from it.

I really enjoyed it when Sheela told me that J.Krishnamurti thinks that I have lost my enlightenment. He must be furious! He cannot be joking, that much is certain. He is not a man to be non-serious, no; he is continually serious. He must have been serious. But what is troubling him? - he started with the wrong step. That is not my fault. If you get out of your bed with the wrong foot, what can I do? It is your bed and your foot, and you go on doing that for eighty years; I have nothing to do with it!

I was also in a dilemma in the beginning, but sometimes things which are not appreciated prove tremendously helpful. My laziness proved tremendously helpful. I went on sitting on my bed, figuring out which foot to put down first. I would have waited there my whole life.