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Chapter 6: There Is No Meaning

The first question:

You have said that every gesture from a master is significant, and often the answer is given in what is not said rather than what is said. But often when you look or glance at me, and I feel there is a message, I do not know how to identify the message without using my mind. And even when I do use my mind I am not sure.

The mind cannot be used. Once you use the mind you have missed the point. Silence has to be understood in silence; a no-word message is to be understood wordlessly. If you try to understand through words and through mind you will miss it, you will misunderstand it. Then your own mind has come in. Then you will interpret it. Then it will not be pure, it will not be the same.

And if you ask, “Then what to do?” you ask a wrong question. The question of how arises from the mind. There is no question of how. You be silent. Don’t do anything, don’t try to interpret it, don’t try in any way to interfere with it - let it spread over your being. You may not be able to identify it right now because it is vaster than the mind and all identifications are from the mind. You may not be able to know exactly what it is, but there is no need. You may not be able to decipher, decode the meaning of it, but there is no need. Let the wordless message reach to your wordless center. It is a deep contact, and the contact is the meaning. It is a deep penetration, and the penetration is the meaning.

You pass by a rosebush and you look at a roseflower. What is the meaning? If you start thinking about the roseflower, the mind enters and the roseflower is lost. Then the mind creates a wall of words, thoughts, concepts and you cannot even see the roseflower there.

Don’t try to find the meaning. Meaning and a constant obsession with meaning is a disease of the mind. What is the meaning of a roseflower? There is no meaning. It flowers without any meaning. It needs no meaning to justify itself; it is justified in its being. You just let it be, and you be with it. Let the rose penetrate you, let the rose spread its fragrance around you and within you, and suddenly something stirs within your being - something has arisen. The rose has done something in you. Even then, you may not be able to know what the rose has done, but you will feel happier, blissful; you will feel there has been a contact with the unknown. You will feel that you have been given an opportunity to look into the unknown. You will feel that the rose has become a window and a vast sky has opened - there has been a crack in the wall of your mind, and a ray of light penetrated. Don’t bother about the meaning.

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