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Chapter 3: The Occult Science of the Third Eye

The Rothschilds were a very rich family in America. A woman from that family had been sick for a long time and no treatment had helped. Then she was brought to Edgar Cayce, and in his unconscious state he suggested a certain medication. We have to call his state unconscious, but those who know about this mysterious happening would say he was fully conscious at that time. In fact, unconsciousness continues until our knowing reaches to the level of the third eye.

Rothschild was a millionaire, so he could afford to search the whole of America for this medication, but he could not find it. No one could even say whether this medication actually existed. Advertisements were placed in international newspapers requesting information about it. After almost three weeks a man from Sweden wrote saying that there was no medication of that name in existence, although twenty years earlier his father had patented a medication under that name but never had it manufactured. He wrote that his father had died but he could send the formula. The medication was then made up and given to the woman, who recovered. How could Cayce have known of a drug that had not even been available on the market?

In another incident, he again suggested a particular medicine to someone; a search was made for it but it could not be found. A year later an advertisement appeared in a newspaper announcing the availability of this medicine. During the previous year it had been in the process of being tested in the laboratories; it had not even been given a name but Cayce had known of it. The medicine was then given to the patient, who soon recovered.

Cayce had suggested medicines which could not be found, and these patients died. When he was asked about this, he said that he was helpless, but there was nothing he could do. He said, “I do not know who is seeing these things and who is speaking when I am unconscious - I have no relationship to the person.” But one thing was certain: whenever he was speaking in this state his eyes were drawn upwards.

When we are in deep sleep, our eyes are drawn upwards relative to the depth of our sleep. Now, psychologists are experimenting a great deal on sleep. The deeper you are in sleep, the higher your eyes are; the lower the eyes, the greater is their movement. If your eyes are moving very rapidly under their eyelids, you are having a very eventful dream. Now it has been scientifically proved by thorough experiments that rapid eye movement, rem, indicates a fast-moving dream. The lower the eyes, the greater the rem; as the eyes go higher, the rem is reduced. When the rem is zero, sleep is at its deepest. At that point the eyes remain steadily fixed between the two eyebrows.

Yoga says that in deep sleep we reach the same state that we reach in samadhi, deep meditation. The place where the eyes become fixed is the same in deep sleep as in samadhi.

I have told you about these two historical events only to indicate that there is a point between your two eyebrows where this worldly life ceases, and the life of the other world begins. That point is a door. On this side of the door this world flourishes, and on the other side there is an unknown, supernatural world.

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