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Chapter 4: What Type of Heaven Is This?

The first question.

What is it inside people that makes them react to what you say and what you are with such antagonism? Why can’t people who disagree with you just live their own lives the way they feel, and leave you to yourself?

The responsibility is not with the people, the responsibility is with me.

They are not doing anything. They can leave me to myself, it is me who is not leaving them to themselves. They are simply reacting, and their reaction is natural. It has been always so, and it will be always so.

I am a rebel. Whatsoever I say goes absolutely against their conditioning. They have been conditioned to look at life in a certain way, to think in a certain way, to live in a certain way. What I say disturbs them.

And I do it knowingly, I have to disturb them, otherwise there can be no transformation in their lives.

And whenever you say something which unsettles the old mind, the old mind becomes defensive. Nothing is wrong in it - it is natural, because the old mind is accustomed to a certain pattern of living which is easy; the path which is of least resistance, is easy. The mind knows a certain way to live, then suddenly you say something which disturbs the mind because now a problem arises: whether that which they believe is true or not. I create a doubt.

Of course I create a doubt to make them aware of a higher trust, but that higher trust is not visible to them; they only become wavering, hesitant; whatsoever they have been doing becomes suspicious.

For example, if I say: You go to the temple, and it is useless because those temples are made by man, and how can man make a temple of God? All that is man-manufactured will be at the most human, not more than that. If you really are in search of the temple of God then you have to find something which is uncreated, uncreated by man.

But you have been going to a church, to a temple, and you were complacent, you were consoled by it, you had a fixed routine, and you were thinking that everything is going well, then I come suddenly in your way and I say: This temple is manmade! And you have been worshipping before your own creations! God created man, man cannot create God! So if you want to really search for the temple of God, move towards the vaster horizons of existence. The whole existence is the temple, and unless the whole becomes the temple you will never reach to the innermost shrine of it, you will never be able to find what is the center of the all.

So your temples are deceptions, toys to play with - of course it disturbs you.

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