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Chapter 1: The End of Heroes

Power is the word which has to be dropped by the New Man and replaced by love. Love has its own power, but it is not the power a politician has. It is not the power a rich man has. It is not the power of nuclear weapons. But still it is power, and more powerful than any weapons in the world, nuclear or not nuclear.

The New Man will live according to the laws of love. Kingdom is an old word with ugly associations. It reminds one of kings and kingdoms; it is the same political game. No, the New Man will have a paradise but not a kingdom; a commune, but not a society; a loving power.

If five thousand people in this commune can just be a little courageous and be loving to each other, without any conditions, you will see here what I mean. A new kind of power arises and a new kind of paradise where nobody is higher, ruling over others, where everybody is a king.

When everybody is a king you cannot call it a kingdom. It is a commune of kings and queens, but with no hierarchy. Of course, functionally somebody may be working as your president, somebody working as your plumber, but both are necessary and both are serving the same commune with the same love.

When asked how ordinary a man you are, your reply once was, “Extraordinarily!” what does extraordinarily ordinary mean?

Exactly that.

In a recent interview, you said that if the hell’s angels came here, you would welcome them. They’re known as one of the most violent motorcycle gangs in America. If we would welcome them, why do we have all this security?

Our security will welcome them. Do you think I am going to welcome them? I will not welcome even Ronald Reagan if he comes here. Our security will welcome them, and will welcome them the way they need to be welcomed, the way they deserve to be welcomed. Everybody according to his need.

If somebody comes with love, we will welcome him with flowers, and if somebody comes with hate, we will welcome him with bullets - because we are fair people, we cannot be unfair to anybody. So when I say that we will welcome anybody who comes here, that does not mean that our welcome will be the same. It will depend who comes and what is the purpose, what is the intention of the person who comes here.

We are not a suicidal group. This is not Jonestown. If somebody wants to destroy the commune, he has to understand that the commune cannot be destroyed so easily. We will fight for every inch, for every sannyasin’s life. And it will be great excitement, something new! One gets bored doing the same routine thing, so something new once in a while brings excitement. But our motto is tit for tat.