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Chapter 17: A Flowering of Consciousness

So never think that Buddha is just bliss. No one can be. Everyone has to pay a cost, and the greater the experience, the greater the cost is going to be. A buddha is peaceful, blissful in himself. He comes to this bliss because of being so conscious. But simultaneously, because of so much consciousness, he becomes sensitive to everything that goes on around him, he suffers for it.

So it is convenient to exist as unconscious beings. We go on, we prolong being sleepy. It is a deep somnambulism. We go on walking, doing things, profoundly asleep. Nothing touches us; we are absolutely insensitive. Sensitivity depends on consciousness. The more conscious you are, the more sensitive; the less conscious, the less sensitive. And to be sensitive is dangerous, to be nonsensitive is convenient - so you can move like a dead block, you need not be concerned. Because of this convenience, we remain seeds.

To me, to lose this convenience, to throw this convenience, is the only renunciation. Really, this is the comfort to be thrown - not a house, not a family; they are nothing. This convenience-oriented mind is to be thrown. One has to be sensitive and vulnerable to whatsoever there is; only then can you become conscious.

So the first thing to be understood is why we go on remaining unconscious. There is a reason for it, it has a rationale - because it is convenient. To live a dead life is convenient, to move like a dead corpse is convenient, because then you are not affected, you are not concerned. You have a routine to work and to do from morning to evening. You move in a circle; throughout your life you go on moving in your old pattern. The older the pattern, the less the inconvenience. Ultimately, you are settled in it.

Look at this attitude! If this attitude persists you are not going to transcend the seed. When a seed is transcended it is calling for dangers. A seed is protected, but a plant is not so protected. A plant is always in danger; a seed is never in danger. A seed lives a dead life, but a plant becomes alive, delicate, unprotected. It is dangerous.

A child in his mother’s womb is totally protected. The womb is the most comfortable place to be found anywhere - no worry, no struggle for survival; a completely relaxed state. Psychologists say, and they say rightly, that this hankering after peace, equilibrium, harmony, is really a remembering of the womb state - because a child in the womb is just in heaven.

Hindus have a myth of a wish-fulfilling tree - kalpa-taru - in heaven. Under that tree, kalpa-taru the wish-fulfilling tree, there is no gap between demand and supply. You demand, and there is supply - no time gap. You desire, and it is fulfilled.

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