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Chapter 9: The Sword of Love-and-Death

Have you ever seen any man fully psychoanalyzed? There is no possibility - because mind is not just like a rubbish heap, that you can go on throwing out the rubbish and one day the mind will be empty. No, the mind manufactures rubbish. It is not easy: while you are emptying it, it is creating more rubbish - fresh rubbish, stronger rubbish, better rubbish. It goes on creating. Only for a few moments will you feel a kind of unburdening, and again it is there. No person is fully psychoanalyzed, no person can be - because psychoanalysis tries to unravel the knot.

Mystics believe in drastic methods. The situation is such, desperate, that only a drastic thing can help. A sword is needed. Kabir is a sword. And you can also create your own sword. The sword is created by two energies: love and death.

Enough for today.