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Chapter 2: Innocence Is a Light unto Itself

It is up to you to choose. It cannot be forced upon anybody. I can just give you a hint - that it is time. And you are mature enough: you have written your novels, and you know all that is garbage.

It shows, because people love to read anything. Railway bookstalls need garbage, airport bookstalls need garbage; everywhere garbage is needed because people need garbage. But why should you waste your life?

And you have the possibility to give birth to something really significant - but a breakthrough is needed. You need a discontinuity. Forget what you have been doing, forget the name and the fame and anything that it brings to you.

Just be a nobody, enjoy being nobody. And I tell you that in being nobody there is freedom.

And then one day you will find that the seed within you has started growing. And then if something out of your own experience comes to be written by you, it will be significant for you, it will be significant for others. Anything that can really make life a little more beautiful, a little more musical, a little more poetic, is going to help you too. It is possible only because of your growth.

You can collect all kinds of information - read ten novels, and the eleventh is born - that is one way that is being followed by all writers, poets, painters. But they are third-rate, and they will be forgotten.

Something meaningful only comes from your very innermost being.

But before that, you have to throw all the rubbish off; otherwise, the rubbish is so much and the seed is so small, it is lost in the rubbish. I hope that you will be able to do what I am saying; otherwise, I would not have said it.