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Chapter 8: The Forbidden Path

Christians have a theory; they call it felix culpa - a happy fault. Adam’s sin has been known to Christian theology as felix culpa - a happy fault - since it brings about the need of Christ the Redeemer. If there had been no disobedience on the part of Adam then there would have been no Christ.

Adam is human consciousness going away from God. Christ is the same human consciousness returning back home. Adam and Christ are not two persons. Adam is the going away, Christ is the coming back. It is the same energy.

Disobedience is needed to become obedient. Rebellion is needed to know what surrender is. Ego is needed to become egoless. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Remember it, and never be afraid of the forbidden.

The forbidden is the path. Go into it. Go courageously. Go totally, so that you can finish the attraction. And you are not going to find anything in it. You will come empty out of it - that will be a great experience, a great maturity. Sin can never be fulfilling, so why be afraid?

If there were any possibility that sin might fulfill somebody, then there would have been danger. But sin has never fulfilled anybody. The more you go in it, the more frustrated you are. The more you go in it, the more you know it is just stupid, it is just unintelligent, it is just an old, routine rut, a vicious circle. You are not moving anywhere. You are not going anywhere, you are not growing.

The more deeply you understand it, the greater the possibility that you will start on the backward journey - you will start coming to the original source. Of course, when I say coming back to the original source I don’t mean that you will really regress backwards. You will still go onwards, but the journey will turn towards the source. There is no going back. A second childhood comes. In India, when a person moves through that second childhood we call him twice-born - dwij - again born. He has attained to a new birth. He has again become a child, again innocent.

So don’t be afraid. The world is a temptation - a temptation you have to go through, a temptation that has to be suffered. And the devil is a partner with God - he is not the enemy, he is the partner. He tempts you, he takes you into the forbidden, he helps you to disobey. He provokes you, he allures you, he seduces you. If you go wholeheartedly with him, sooner or later you will understand that he is the deceiver. Immediately he disappears.

The moment you realize that the devil is a deceiver, the devil disappears. In that realization is death for him. Suddenly you start laughing. A great laughter arises in you. You start roaring like a lion, a great uproar. Now you have seen the truth, why God had told you not to eat the fruit of a certain tree - he wanted you to eat it.

Of course, God cannot be so foolish. If he did not want then he would have kept quiet. He could have removed the tree - any ordinary gardener can do that. He did not remove the tree, he simply gave the commandment. And this is very psychological. The parable is really one of the most beautiful psychological parables.

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