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Chapter 7: It Is Heard without Ears

When Kabir says I am neither pious nor ungodly he is saying that he has gone beyond duality. Let us try to understand. There are people who are irreligious - they will not go to the church, they will not bow down to any god, they don’t have any reverence in their heart, they never pray. They simply live an ordinary mundane life: eat, drink, and be merry. There is nothing of the transcendental in their life. If you ask them: What is the meaning of your life? they can, at the most, shrug their shoulders.or they can find some rationalizations. But look deep into them: they don’t know why they are living, for what they are living. Is there any significance? is there any song? are they waiting for something to manifest in their hearts? are they growing into some unknown dimension somewhere? No, they are just moving in a rut. Of course they are very much frustrated.

There is no greater frustration than moving in a rut - the same, again and again.one goes on moving mechanically. By and by, all hope disappears. You know you will do the same again tomorrow: you will eat, you will go to the office, you will make love, you will go to sleep, you will fight, you will nag, you will quarrel.and the same will happen again.and so on, and so forth, dragging.. One day, one dies. So this whole life is just a dragging journey towards death - is that all?

Look into the eyes of people who have not made any contact with deeper realms, with the depths of their own inner core: you will find them barren, you will find them desert-like, dry - no juice flowing. No song is born out of their souls. They are being dragged by some unknown force: they are accidental. They are simply here - not knowing why, not knowing where, not knowing from where, no knowing who they are. They remain.yes, they remain occupied in a thousand and one things, just to avoid this inner emptiness - so they don’t come across it, so they don’t have to encounter it. Otherwise, it is very shocking: if you encounter your emptiness, your unfulfilled soul, then it will be difficult even to drag - one will start thinking of committing suicide.

Gabriel Marcel has written that there is only one basic metaphysical problem, and that is suicide. It is true, it’s really true. If you look into the ordinary life, the only problem is: why do you go on living? why not commit suicide? If death is to come then why wait? for what? Why not stop all this nonsense? Not a thing is going to happen; there is no hope. No flower is going to bloom, no spring is going to come. You will repeat the same thing again and again and again, and one day the mechanism will stop - and there is nothing else to it. If there is no significance in your life, there cannot be any soul. Soul exists with significance.

So, there is this one type - the irreligious. And when I talk of this first type many so-called religious people are included in it - because they go to the church as part of the rut, and they read the bible as part of the rut, and they repeat catechisms like parrots. They are Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans and Jainas and Buddhists - these are again occupations of the mind, to remain occupied; they also are not religious.

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