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Chapter 7: Not Faith, but Fear

Hermann Samuel Remarius, a professor at Hamburg in the eighteenth century, wrote that “Jesus was a failed Jewish revolutionary whose body was removed from its tomb by his disciples.”

I am not saying that, it is said by a Christian professor who has looked into the sources, the original sources, and found that he was a “failed Jewish revolutionary”; he had nothing to do with Christianity.

Christianity is a fiction. Jesus had never even heard the name Christianity. It has been imposed on him, he was not the founder of Christianity. Who exactly was the founder of Christianity? One thing is certain, Jesus was not. He never thought about founding a religion, he was simply telling the Jews, “I am your last prophet.” He died on the cross as a Jew.

Then who founded Christianity?

You can find Buddhism in the teachings of Gautam Buddha; he was the founder. You can find in the teachings of Mahavira that he was the founder of Jainism. You can find in the teachings of Lao Tzu that he was the founder of Taoism. But it is a very strange thing about Christianity: the founder had no idea at all, was not interested in creating a new religion.

The man who founded it - you will not believe it - was the emperor Constantine. The church knows it, but does not allow the public to know it.

Emperor Constantine of Rome, who headed the Council of Nicea, died as a Christian, but he was baptized only on his deathbed. His whole life he was the high priest of the Sun God religion, which was why he changed the Sabbath from Saturday, which was Jesus’ Sabbath day, to Sunday. Jews still have their Sabbath on Saturday, and Jesus also had lived his whole life believing in the Sabbath on Saturday. How did it become Sunday?

It was Constantine, who was a worshipper of the Sun God. Sunday represents the sun; the followers of the sun have always believed that Sunday is a holy day.

It was Constantine who was actually the founder of Christianity. He was the decisive factor in the Council of Nicea. It was under his pressure - because he was the emperor of Rome - that the priests voted for the divine personality of Jesus. He made Jesus a divine person. It was his creation, his invention.

He also changed Jesus’ birthday from January sixth to December twenty-fifth, the day of the solar rebirth. The twenty-fifth of December, which is celebrated all over the world, is not Jesus’ birthday. The whole idea of Christmas is bogus.

Jesus was born on January sixth, but under Constantine’s influence and power, it was changed to December twenty-fifth, the day of the solar rebirth. It is thought by the sun worshippers that the sun was born on the twenty-fifth of December. The whole of Christianity is living in utter darkness. Their Christmas is bogus - and the church knows it perfectly well but won’t allow people to know about it.

This is called defending the truth.

I call it defending lies.

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