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Chapter 4: Earth and Sky Apart

How can you say that life has nothing sacred in it? Each moment is sacred. But you need the eyes to see that sacredness. God is not missing from existence; only your vision is not yet tuned to it.

You ask: “It is a long, long journey between the preparation and the ultimate..” The length of that journey depends on you. It can be long, very long; it may not be so long. It may be very short. The goal depends on you - how long is not a fixed phenomenon. It cannot be measured. It becomes long if you look through misery, anguish, anxiety, antagonism. If your eyes are full of sadness, you create a long distance. If your eyes are full of joy, it is here, it is now, it is this.

The sixth question:

You are so crazy!!! How does it feel to be totally crazy?

Just far out!!!

And the last question:

Has it happened? Has it finally happened? Is that you inside my heart, so clear and constantly with me now?

Yes, it has happened. But don’t grab it - otherwise it can disappear again. Let it be there, but don’t become greedy - otherwise out of your greed you can crush it. Let it be there but don’t take it for granted. The moment you take it for granted, it disappears. It is there, it has happened.

It is going to happen to all as it has happened to you. But remember, it is very fragile, it is very subtle. You cannot keep it in a fist. The moment you close, you kill it. If you remain open, it will be there. Never expect it to be there and it will be there. If you start expecting then you create hindrances.

Yes, it has happened. But now you will have to be even more alert not to destroy it. It is not so hard - when it has not happened it is not so hard, the work is not so hard. The real work starts when it starts happening, because then you have to be very, very careful and very conscious. A single moment of unconsciousness and you can destroy it.

Enough for today.