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Chapter 13: Nothing Goes Right without Meditation

It was discussed in the medical field all over the world as a very strange case. The surgeons asked him what he did. He said, “I have not done anything. To meditate is my very life. Moment to moment I am living in silence. I asked for those five minutes because you were going to do such a dangerous operation that I had to become absolutely settled in my being, with no wavering. Then you could do anything.because you were not doing it to me. I am consciousness - and you cannot operate on consciousness, you can operate only on the body.”

You say, “When I sit with you, it is somehow safe.” There is really no difference whether you sit with me or you sit alone - it is just a mind security, the idea that the master is present so there is no harm to take the jump. If something goes wrong, somebody is there to take care of it.

In meditation, nothing goes wrong - ever.

Without meditation, everything is going wrong.

Nothing goes right without meditation; your whole life is going wrong. You live only in hope, but your hopes are never fulfilled. Your life is a long, long tragedy. And the reason is your unawareness, your unmeditativeness.

Meditation looks like death, and the experience is exactly the same. But the attitude and the approach is different, and the difference is so vast that it can be said that meditation is life and death is just a dream.

But this is the function of a mystery school, where many people are meditating, where a master is present. You feel safe, you are not alone. If something goes wrong, help will be available immediately. But nothing goes wrong.

So meditate while you are sitting with me, and meditate in your aloneness. Meditation is the only thing with an absolute guarantee that nothing goes wrong with it. It only reveals your existence to yourself - how can anything go wrong? And you are not doing anything; you are really stopping doing everything. You are stopping thinking, feeling, doing - a full stop to all your actions. Only consciousness remains, because that is not your action, it is you.

Once you have tasted your being, all fear disappears, and life becomes a totally new dimension - no longer mundane, no longer ordinary. For the first time you see the sacredness and the divineness not only of yourself, but of all that exists. Everything becomes mysterious, and to live in this mystery is the only way to live blissfully; to live in this mystery is to live under blessings showering on you like rain. Each moment brings more and more, deeper and more profound blessings to you. Not that you deserve them, but because life gives them out of its abundance - it is burdened, it shares with whomsoever is receptive to it.

But don’t get the idea that meditation is death-like, because death has no good associations in your mind. That will prevent you experiencing consciousness - “It is death-like.” In fact, it is a real death. The ordinary death is not a real death, because you will be again joined with another structure, another body. The meditator dies in a great way; he never again becomes imprisoned in a body.

An Italian missed a day at work and the foreman wanted an explanation.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“It was-a my wife. She give-a birth to a wheelbarrow.”

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