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Chapter 14: Follow Your Being

The Primal Therapy group, halfway through, is present tonight. Osho first addresses a woman who is training to assist in the process.

I feel I am still holding myself back.

No, you have been growing, and I am happy; continue. When you work with people, you can work as a duty or you can work with them as a love. There is a lot of difference between these two. Duty is lukewarm, love is passionate. Duty can help, but love can transform. Duty can touch only the surface of the other person because it comes from your head. Love can transform because it comes from your heart.

Whenever you are working with people, remember that each person is unique. You will never find such a person again; it happens only once. Each person is historic because he will never be repeated again. So each moment of contact will also be historical because it is unrepeatable; it is tremendously valuable. So whenever you are helping, help out of love. Flow, and forget helping. Start caring - that is the difference.

If you help, you will be at the most a nurse. If you care, you become a mother. Help is a quantitative thing. Care is qualitative, and it shows an intensity; it is a flame. So be deeply in passion.

Each individual is representative of the divine. Love him, worship him, respect him, and whatsoever you do, do in deep humbleness. Then you will be helped more than you are helping. Then you will grow more than the person can grow through your help.

And there is no other way in the world to learn something than to become a teacher. But take it as a very very sacred and holy affair. Be really sincere and authentic about it. I’m not saying be serious. I’m saying be sincere, because once you become serious you cannot help. Be sincere but non-serious, playful. Take it as a fun - but don’t forget the sacredness of it. When fun and sacredness meet, there arises a quality in you that can help. This is the alchemy of help: fun and sacredness meeting in you.

And that feeling is right - that you are still not total in it. One never is. The more you are in it, the more you will feel that something is lacking. Life is a continuous flow, and there is no end to it. Something more is always possible.

There is no end to it and it is good; otherwise, if an end came you would be dead. But the feeling is good, so bring more effort, more energy into it. You will become more and more total in it, but never total. Do you follow me? You become more total, but never total. Nobody ever is. Good!


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