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Chapter 5: Rebellion Should Be Hilarious

I am not giving you any promises for the future. My insistence is on the present. This moment live, love, laugh, but don’t wait for tomorrow.

Adolf Hitler was saying to the German youth, “Sacrifice your present, your youth, your love, your mother, your father, your wife, your beloved, your friends, for a better Germany to be born - a Germany which will be ruling over the whole world.”

German youth is completely finished with all kinds of promises. They are no longer interested in the future, because in the name of the future they have been exploited.

With me, they find a totally different type of man, who gives no hope, no promise, no certainty for tomorrow, but only says, this moment is all that you have got. And never sacrifice this moment for anything, whatsoever it is - not even for God.

I teach you how to live! Adolf Hitler was teaching you how to die for the fatherland, for Nazism, for the leader, Adolf Hitler, for the future generations who will rule over the world. And I am saying, drop the very idea of future. Future generations will take care of themselves. Don’t you stupidly sacrifice yourself for future generations - future generations will have their own present.

But this foolish idea is very ancient. Your parents sacrificed their love, their life, their joy, their pleasure, their holidays - everything - for you. And you are sacrificing everything for your children, and your parents’ parents were doing the same.

Do you see the logic of it? Every generation is sacrificing for another generation, and that generation will sacrifice for another generation. Nobody is living. Nobody has lived up to now.

They were all great martyrs. With beautiful phrasing you can hide the reality of a thing. You sacrifice - it is your duty - for your children. Don’t you want your children to be happy? Don’t you want your children to be healthy? Don’t you want your children to be cultured? Obviously, you say yes, but you should say, “The same was said to our parents. They sacrificed themselves; they never lived. They sacrificed for us to live and love, and now you are telling us not to live but to sacrifice again.”

It is a very tricky game of postponing your life and love and joy and bliss and dance. And for centuries man has done that, with all good intentions. But the way to hell is paved with good intentions.

I am telling you that you are here to enjoy yourself. If you enjoy your children, play with them, teach them, but don’t sacrifice for them! Remember, your sacrifice makes you resentful of your children, and your resentfulness creates anger, rebellion in your children against you. No boy can ever forgive his father, no girl can ever forgive her mother. What kind of a society have you created?

Sacrifice is a dirty word. Drop it from your vocabulary.

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