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Chapter 2: The Invisible Ones

But he has his old tricks, he has his old mind. He starts playing the same game. Maybe while Mohammed is alive he will not be able to do it, but once Mohammed is gone it will be very easy for him to have the same kind of establishment in the name of Mohammed. Then again whenever another Sufi mystic brings God back, he will be a friend of Mohammed and an enemy of Mohammedans. That’s why there is this paradox.

It is both; religion is always both. Look at me. Whatsoever I am saying to you is the essential religion. It is the religion of Buddha, Christ, Moses, Mohammed, and yet all the priests are against me - all the priests. They may not agree on anything else but they agree on one thing - they all agree on being against me. The Mohammedan priest agrees with the Hindu. They will not agree on anything else, but about me being wrong they both agree. The Christian agrees with the Jaina. They have nothing similar, not a single iota of doctrine which is similar, but on one thing they will agree: if they have to condemn me they will all be together.

Whatsoever I am saying to you is the essential core of all their religions, but they are against it. They pretend to be for it, they pretend to be the protectors - they are the enemies. The establishment is the enemy of religion. But it happens in the natural course of things because man is stupid. The establishment is bound to happen again and again. And again and again somebody has to assert and rebel.

There is a beautiful parable in Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov.

Jesus comes back to the world after eighteen hundred years to see how things are going now. He is very hopeful. He thinks, “Now almost half the earth is Christian, now I am going to be welcomed and received. The first time I was there on the earth people were against me because there were no Christians, there was nobody to receive me. There were Jews, and they killed me.”

Now he comes with great hope. He descends into Bethlehem on a Sunday morning. Naturally he chooses Sunday - Christians will be free and they will be coming out of the church and he will meet them just in front of the church.

People are coming out and he is waiting with great hope. Then people come around him and they start laughing, they start ridiculing him. They say, “You are pretending perfectly well. You look just like Jesus.”

He says, “I am Jesus!”

They laugh and they say, “Jesus is only one. This is sacrilege to call yourself Jesus. You look like him, but how can you be him? It will be better if you escape from here before the priest comes out. If he catches hold of you, you will be in trouble.”

But Jesus says, “He is my priest. If you cannot recognize me, it’s okay - you are lay people. But he is my priest, continuously reading my scriptures, thinking, meditating on whatsoever I have said before, continuously talking about me. At least he will recognize me. You wait!”

And they laugh and they say, “You are wrong. You just escape from here, otherwise you will get into trouble.”

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