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Chapter 10: Hingle de Jibity Dangely Ji

The first question - it is from Prabha:

Hingle de je, bipity jang dang - do run nun, de jun bung. Hingle de jibbity dangely ji.

This is wonderful, Prabha! This is beautiful, this is just far out, baby! I am driving you sane. Just a step more.and the enlightenment.

The second question:

Is prayer useful? If so, teach me how to pray. I mean, prayer to receive God’s love, to feel his grace.

First, prayer is not useful, not at all. Prayer has no use, no utility. It is not a commodity. You cannot use it, it is not a thing. It is not a means to anything else, how can you use it?

I can understand the questioner’s mind. The so-called religions have been teaching people that prayer is a means to God. It is not! Prayer is God. It is not a means towards anything: to be prayerful is the end in itself. When you are prayerful, you are divine. Not that the prayer leads you towards the divine; in prayerfulness you discover your divinity.

Prayer is not a means. It is the end unto itself.

But this fallacy has persisted down the centuries in man’s mind. Love is also a means, so is prayer, so is meditation: all that is impossible to reduce to means has been reduced, and that’s why the beauty is lost.

Love is useless, so is prayer, so is meditation.

When you ask, “Is prayer useful?” you don’t understand what the word prayer means. You are greedy, you want God, you want to grab God. Now you are finding ways and means to grab, and God cannot be grabbed!

You cannot possess God. You cannot contain God. You cannot interpret God. You cannot experience God. Then what can be done about God? Only one thing: you can be God. Nothing else can be done about it, because you are God. Recognize it or not, realize it or not, but you are God. And only that can be done which is already there; only that can be done which has already happened. Nothing new can be added.only revelation, only discovery.

So the first thing: prayer is not any utility. The moment you use prayer, you make it ugly. That is a sacrilege, to use prayer. And whosoever has said to you to use prayer has been not only irreligious but anti-religious. He does not understand what he is saying. He is talking nonsense.

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