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Chapter 5: Understanding Emotions

So spread compassion all around you. Look around you.- people are so unhappy, don’t add to their unhappiness. Your compassion will lessen their unhappiness; just one word of compassion will lessen their unhappiness. Don’t add to their unhappiness. You are all adding to each other’s unhappiness; you are all helping each other to be more unhappy. Every single man has many people behind him making him unhappy. If an understanding of compassion is there, then you will change all the ways that you cause unhappiness in others. And if you can bring happiness to someone’s life, you will find a way to do it.

Remember one thing: the one who brings unhappiness to others in the end becomes unhappy himself, and the one who brings happiness to others in the end reaches to the heights of happiness. That’s why I am saying that someone who tries to give happiness develops the center of happiness inside himself, and someone who tries to bring unhappiness to others develops the center of unhappiness inside himself. The fruit does not come from the outside, the fruit is created within you. Whatever you do, you develop a receptivity for it inside yourself. Someone who wants love should give his love. Someone who wants bliss should start sharing his bliss. Someone who wants flowers to shower in his home should shower flowers in other people’s homes. There is no other way. So compassion is an emotion that each person has to develop in order to enter into meditation.

The third key is joy, happiness, delight, a sense of bliss and a lack of anguish. You are all so full of anguish. You are sad and tired people; you are beaten people just dragging yourselves on the road of defeat to a bitter end. You walk as if you have already died. There is no energy, no life in your walk; there is no life in your day-to-day life. You are lethargic, sad, broken, defeated. This is wrong because however short life may be, however certain death may be, someone who has even a little understanding will not be sad.

Socrates was dying. He had been given the poison - and he was laughing! One of his disciples, Creto, asked him, “You are laughing and our eyes are filled with tears. Death is very near - this a time for sadness.”

Socrates said, “Where is this sadness? If I die and I die completely, where is this sadness? There will be no one left to experience sadness. And if I die and I still remain, where is the need for sadness? What will be lost is not me; I am that which remains.”

So he said, “I am happy. Death can do only two things: it can either completely destroy me, and if it completely destroys me I will be happy because I will not be there to experience sadness; and if part of me remains I will be happy because the part that is not me will have been destroyed. I will still remain. Death can only do two things, that’s why I am laughing. “And, Socrates said, “I am happy because what can death take away from me? It will either completely annihilate mebut then what has it taken away from me? - because then the one it has taken from will also not be here. And if I remain, everything remains. If I remain then everything remains because that which was taken away was not me. This is why I say I am happy.”

He is happy even as he faces death, and here you are, unhappy even to be alive. You are alive and still you are unhappy; yet there have been people who were happy even in the face of death.