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Chapter 21: I Have Come Again - the Storm Has Persuaded Me

Sure enough, next week, Nancy Reagan is back.

“So,” says the shrink, “how is your husband? Back to normal I hope?”

“I am afraid not,” says Nancy, “he is dead!”

“Dead?” cries the shrink, “what happened?”

“Well,” replied Nancy, “he was licking his balls in the driveway, and I accidentally backed the car over him!”

Now laugh totally, whether the storm comes or not. It is coming..

Inspector Wu, the Chinese private detective, makes his report in a divorce case:

“I climb up tree, so I can see.

He play with she, she play with he.

I play with me. I fall from tree.

So I can no see.so solly!”

I have been told that you have been celebrating for almost one hour. I want everything to be celebrated - even tears, sadness, even the feeling that “I have done something wrong or at least participated in something that should not be done, or only remained silent, without interfering with the wrongdoer.”

Our way of asking for forgiveness can only be a celebration. I believe only in celebration. Whatever the excuse - somebody dies, it is not a time to celebrate, but I say to you, “Celebrate!” because death too is part of existence. And one should not reject existence, and one should not be afraid either.

Committing mistakes, just as you committed yesterday, is simply human. By celebrating, it can be dropped. I don’t want you be sad for anything or guilty for anything, because these are the things which all the religions have used to exploit humanity: making them guilty, making them sad, making them feel that they are unworthy.

I don’t want you to feel in any way unworthy. Even when you commit a mistake you are not committing a sin.

Because you have been celebrating for one hour, I would like to have our prayer: two minutes of total silence, no movement, close your eyes.

Now, let go.

.Come back to life.

The storm is coming too.