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Chapter 20: Those Third-Rate Politicians, Those Dwellers of the Gutter

These are my ideas about politics, but these are my ideas, you don’t have to follow them. If you are feeling a certain urge for power, go into it. Of course I cannot bless you. I will feel sad and sorry for your going in a wrong direction, but I cannot prevent you either, because any interference in your life is against my whole approach. So please, meditate over it.

Go around Buddha Hall; you will find Prashanto there, either enlightened or dead! That is far better than going into politics.

I have been in some long relationships for many years. When I hear you talking about jealousy and fighting and all these passionate things in relationships, I become really shaky, because it seems I never experience these things really strongly. Last night I got very sad about it, and the question came up whether I ever really loved somebody, whether I really did let go and lose control.
Beloved master, do love and hate, fighting and harmony, coolness and passion really always belong together?

There are always exceptions. My feeling about you is that you are being sad unnecessarily. Life allows exceptions: very rarely you will find a couple who is not in a love-hate relationship but simply in love. Naturally, this kind of love will have a certain coolness about it, it cannot be hot.

To make it hot, you have to bring the opposite in; then fighting and quarreling and arguing gives a certain excitement to your energies. And when tired of fighting and arguing, you again move - the pendulum goes on moving between love and hate. When your pendulum moves towards love, you feel strong love because of the contrast. It depends on your likings: people like hot-dogs! Dogs are enough, but they want hot dogs!

Your love is of a silent type, peaceful. There are rivers which are mountainous, falling from mountains as waterfalls into the valleys; there is much going on. And there are rivers which flow in the valleys silently, so silent that you cannot see that they are flowing. But I don’t think that you have to be sad about it; it is a higher quality of love which is cool, without any excitement, without any heat.

Don’t you love ice cream.a cool breeze, a silent house; no pillow fighting, no plates being broken? I know it brings a little spice in life when pillows are going like missiles in the air, but that kind of spice.? That kind of excitement is stupid.

A love that can be cool, and without a hot passion, is a higher quality. Every love should become of that quality.

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