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Chapter 12: Aloneness Is a Growth Need

Enjoy both, and don’t choose. Once you choose you are ready for trouble. Sadness is as much a part of life as happiness. It is not to be denied, it has to be absorbed. It is a beautiful thing if you can fit into the total harmony.

A man who cannot be unhappy, who cannot be sad, lacks something. His happiness will just be on the surface, superficial; sadness gives you a depth. So don’t reject it - because the mind has been trained to reject sadness. It has been trained just to be happy, which is foolish!

If you want to laugh you will have to be capable of crying. If tears cannot come, your laughter will be just a painted laugh. If tears can come to you, only then the laughter will be deep and from your innermost core. One grows both ways simultaneously, like a tree. The tree grows high and the roots go low, deep into the earth. Your roots will go deep in sadness and your branches will go high in happiness - and you are both. Accept both and enjoy both. If a man can accept the opposites then there is nothing else to learn.

If you ask me the one lesson that needs to be learned, I will say be happy with the opposite - that will do. This is all there is to all philosophy, all religion. Try it! Good.


And what about you? (The sannyasin sits silently.)

(a laugh) Say something!

I don’t know. I’m laughing and I feel very sad, especially when I listen to you. In the beginning it was so beautiful. Every word was like honey and a great joy, and now I feel everything hurts me very much. The same words perhaps, but they go into me like a knife. I suffer very much.

Mm mm, suffer - because you have to pass with me through all the phases of life. You have to be sad with me, suffer with me, celebrate with me. You have to pass through all the climates with me.

I am not a particular season, I am the whole year. The summer will come and the winter, and there will be spring and there will be autumn - and you have to go with me all the year round.

There are persons who are like seasons; they have one taste. If they are summer, they are summer; if they are winter then they are winter. I am not fixed that way. And to me, people who have only one season are dead - they don’t know what life is. Life is a tremendous change, a tremendous flow. Waves upon waves, and the ocean goes on and on and the waves go on shattering on the rocks and continue their song.

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