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Chapter 17: Outgoing, Ingoing

A mind that is not meditative cannot be in love. It may mean something else; it may call it love, but it cannot be - because love is a quality of a meditative mind. It never comes before. Once you are settled in your being, you are so full of happiness that you would like to share it with someone. Deep inside you are singing so much that you would like to sing to someone.

Before that you are so miserable that there is nothing to share. So when people are not meditative and they are in love, they create more misery for each other, that’s all. They become hell to each other.

Write to him and tell him that he can come, and I will help him to come closer to Christ - he need not be worried about that.

Two to three months.and you will completely disappear!


I feel I have too many masks - because when I am alone I am in one mood and when another person is there I change.

Don’t be worried about it; it is natural, and it is so with everybody. It is nothing special to you so don’t be disturbed by it. The only thing is that whatsoever you do, do it very consciously.

In a way it is good too. If you are sitting in a sad mood and somebody comes and you remain sad, you will make him sad too. And he has not done anything. He has not deserved it in any way, so why make him sad unnecessarily? You smile and talk, and you just manage, knowing well that this is a mask. When the man goes you become sad again. That was just a social formality. If you do it consciously there is no problem.

Continue seeing it and continue doing it - there is no need to stop it. In life many things are needed, because you are not alone, and if you don’t live according to the formal pattern of the society you will create more misery for yourself, nothing else. So no need, no need.

If you have a wound, there is no need to go and show it to everybody; it is none of their affair. Why create misery in their minds about your wound? Why be an exhibitionist? Let it be there; take care of it, treat it and try to heal it. When you go to the doctor show it to him, but there is no need to show it to every passer by on the road. Just be conscious.

The consciousness is coming; it is good, don’t be worried about it. One has to use many masks; they function as a lubricant. Somebody comes and asks how you are, and you start telling him your whole misery. He did not ask for it, he was just saying hello. Now for one hour he has to listen to you. This will be too much! Next time he will not even say hello; he will escape. Whenever he sees you he will escape down some street to go somewhere else, because he will see that now you are coming - and that even to say hello is dangerous! And you were being true.

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