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Chapter 10: I Am in Favor of Love

The theory of karma simply says that whatsoever is happening to you is your doing. Somewhere, on an unconscious level, you must be creating it - because nothing happens to you from the outside. Everything bubbles from the inside. If you are sad, you must be creating your sadness somewhere in your innermost being. From there it comes. You must be manufacturing it somewhere within your soul. Watch: if you are miserable, meditate on your misery, on how you create it. You always ask, “Who is responsible for misery?” Nobody is responsible except you. The mind goes on saying to you that if you are a husband, your wife is creating your misery. If you are a wife, your husband is creating your misery. If you are poor, the rich are creating your misery. It always goes on throwing responsibility on somebody else.

This has to be a very fundamental understanding: that except you, nobody is responsible. Once you understand it things start changing. If you are creating your misery and you love it, then go on creating. Then don’t create a problem out of it. It is nobody’s business to interfere with you. If you want to be sad, you love to be sad, be perfectly sad. But if you don’t want to be sad, then there is no need - don’t create it. Watch how you create your misery: what is the pattern? - how have you managed it inside? People are continuously creating their moods. If you go on throwing the responsibility on others, then you will never change. Then you will remain miserable, because what can you do? If others are creating misery, what can you do? Unless others change, nothing is in your hands. By throwing responsibility on others, you become a slave. Take the responsibility into your own hands.

A few days ago a sannyasin told me that her husband has always been creating problems for her. And when she tells her story it will look, apparently, that of course the husband is responsible. She has eight children from the husband, and then the husband has three more children from another woman, and one child from his secretary. He has been continuously fooling around with any woman that comes along. Of course, anybody will sympathize with this poor woman. She has suffered a lot, and the game continues. The husband is not earning much. The woman, the wife, earns, and she has to pay for these children which he has brought into the world from other women also. Of course, she is in great misery, but who is responsible? I told her, “If you are really in misery, why should you continue to be with this man? Drop out. You should have dropped out long before. There is no need to continue.” And she understood, which is a rare thing - very late, very delayed, but still not too late. Still, her life is there. Now if she insists that she would like to remain with this man, then she is insisting on her own misery. Then she is enjoying the misery trip. Then she is enjoying condemning the husband; then she is enjoying attracting sympathy from everybody else. And of course, with whomsoever she will come in contact, they will sympathize with the poor woman.

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