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Chapter 1: Spiritual Hedonism

Those days have come. Those days have been on the earth now for a long time, almost two thousand years. Churches are mourning: the bridegroom is no longer there. Popes are sad, bishops are not able to laugh. Their faces are almost dead: life frozen and stuck, flexibility gone. They simply go on repeating mechanically what Jesus has said.

Jesus is saying that while the religion is alive there is no question of fasting. It is the time to feast and be grateful, and be thankful that the bridegroom is with you. It is the time to dance and sing and go mad in sheer delight! Yes, the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken away, when Jesus will no longer be there. Then you can mourn and fast at your ease. Jesus is saying, “Because I am here, how can they be sad? When I am here, why should they fast? This is the time to rejoice!-

Jesus says, again and again, “Rejoice!” He never says “renounce.” He says “rejoice.” The world is yours if you rejoice; the whole is yours if you are happy.

The saying that says: “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone” is true. In deep laughter, suddenly trees and birds and animals, and the sky and the earth, join together with you. It is an invitation, an opening. When you cry and moan you are closed. Then you are not available to the sea and the sands, and the sea and the sands are not available to you. You have become a nomad: windowless, door-less, everything closed in.

A sad man is closed, completely closed into himself. His being is not expanding, his being is not like a river flowing towards the sea. He is a dead tank. He goes nowhere. The movement and the process of life has stopped.

And Jesus said unto them,
”Can the children of the bride-chamber mourn,
as long as the bridegroom
is with them?”

While the religion is alive and young, don’t miss the chance - because when the bridegroom is not with you the days will be long. Then you can mourn and fast and do whatsoever you like.

But this is the trouble. When Jesus is there, people kill him and when he is gone, they worship him. When Buddha is there, people throw stones at him; when he is gone, he is worshipped. This has always been so. Human stupidity is tremendous.

And when Jesus is gone, a totally different type of religion is created at his death - diametrically opposite to his being - because those who create the religion when Jesus is gone are the sad people, people of the head, hung-up in the head. They create, they gather together, they call conferences, they decide what Jesus was. They paint, repaint.the original face is completely lost. They take charge. When Jesus was there, these same people would never come close to him because he was not respectable enough.

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