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Chapter 7: Time to Be Completely Disillusioned

It seems that an automatic process, more like a pregnancy, has taken over the steering wheel. I don’t have to do a thing, though I can’t stop listening. Insights present themselves even if not asked for. Is this the meaning of the expression “a good sadhana is effortless”? Please comment.

Deva Amrito, it is the right time for you to see the truth in its utter nudity. Many ears may not be ready for it. But even though they are not ready for it, they are on the way to being ready one day. Let this be a seed in them: The truth about a good sadhana is that it is no longer a sadhana at all. A “good sadhana” is still a bad sadhana.

The word sadhana has to be understood. It comes from the root sadhan; sadhan means methods, paths, ways, techniques. The so-called sadhanas of all the religions are just spiritual games people like to play. The word spiritual makes them more piously egoistic.

Somebody is interested in football, somebody else is interested in playing cards - these are thought to be worldly games. But as I see it, there are no otherworldly games; all games are worldly. Somebody is trying to achieve more success, somebody else is trying to become richer, somebody is trying to be more powerful, and all these have been condemned by so-called religions without any exception.

But when somebody starts moving towards higher planes of being then you forget completely that it is the same game, only the label has changed. It is the same ego trying to prove itself special, higher than others, better than others. It is still the same comparative mind, and the comparative mind is a mind in confusion, in a mess.

A comparative mind is an insane mind.

Amrito, if you simply allow things to happen - not even choosing; whatever comes to you is deeply, respectfully and gratefully accepted as a gift from the great existence - then you have become effortless. Even a slight choice on your part.“if it would have been just a little bit different”.and you have missed the point.

To see existence as it is, choicelessly, is what is meant by effortlessness. It does not mean that you don’t have to do anything..

Misunderstandings are so great, and particularly in the world of seekers, that they can make an effort to be choiceless. They can make an effort to be effortless, and they will not see what they are doing.

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