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Chapter 4: Be like a Hollow Bamboo

Traveling for many years gave me many opportunities to watch people without their knowing, because sometimes only one person was with me in the compartment, and he would make all sorts of efforts to bring me to talk to him and I would say only yes or no; then he would drop the idea. Then I would simply watch - a beautiful experiment and without any expense.

I would watch him and he would open the suitcase - and I saw that he was not doing anything - then he would look in it, close it. Then he would open the window, and then would close it; then again he would go to the newspaper, then he would smoke, then again open the suitcase, rearrange it, go and open the window, look out. What was he doing, and why? An inner urge, something was trembling within him, a feverish state of mind. He had to do something; otherwise he would be lost. He must have been an active man in life, now when there is a moment to relax, he cannot relax, the old habit persists.

It is said that Aurangzeb, a Moghul emperor, imprisoned his father in his old age. Aurangzeb’s father, Shah Jehan built the Taj Mahal - Shah Jehan. He imprisoned him, dethroned him. It is said, and it is written in the autobiography of Aurangzeb, that after a few days, Shah Jehan was not worried about imprisonment because every luxury was provided. It was a palace and Shah Jehan was living as he was living before; it was not like a prison; absolutely everything that he needed was there. Only one thing was missing and that was activity - he couldn’t do anything. So he asked his son Aurangzeb, “It is okay, you have provided everything for me, and everything is beautiful. Just one thing I will be grateful forever and ever if you can do, and that is, send thirty boys. I would like to teach them.”

Aurangzeb could not believe it: “Why would my father like to teach thirty boys?” He had never shown any inclination to be a teacher, was never interested in any type of education. What has happened to him? But he fulfilled the desire. Thirty boys were sent to him and everything was okay. He became again the emperor.thirty small boys.

Go into a primary school, the teacher is almost the emperor; you can order them to sit and they will have to sit; you can order them to stand and they will have to stand. And he created in that room with thirty boys the whole situation of his court - just old habit and the old drug addiction to ordering people.

Psychologists suspect that teachers are in fact politicians. Of course, not self-confident enough to go into politics, they move to the schools and there they become presidents, prime ministers, emperors. Small children.and they order them and they force them.

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