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Chapter 4: Love Is Death

I said, “They don’t have that much intelligence! They live a fixed life; whatsoever biology allows, they live that way. You can go and see a buffalo eating grass; she only eats a certain grass, nothing else. You can put the choicest food.she will not bother, she will go on eating her grass. She has no alternatives; consciousness is very narrow, almost nil. Man has intelligence; he tries to find new ways to relate, to live. Man is the only animal who finds new ways.

“Now to live in a house is unnatural, because no animal lives, so is it a perversion? Or to wear clothes is abnormal, because no animal wears clothes - is it a perversion? To cook food is unnatural, no animal has ever done it! Is it wrong to eat cooked food? To invite people to your house for a drink or for lunch is unnatural because no animal ever invites any other animal, because animals in fact always go in privacy when they want to eat. You give something to a dog.he will immediately go into a corner and will keep everybody at the back, and will be in a hurry to eat. He will never invite, he will not call his friends, ‘Come on!’ That is natural to a dog, but you are not dogs; you are far superior. You have more intelligence, you have more possibilities. Man makes everything in his own way - that is his nature.”

He was relieved. I could see a great burden, a mountain that was on his head, was gone. But I am not certain how long he will remain free and unburdened. Some mahatma may catch hold of him and again put the same idea that this is unnatural. Mahatmas are either sadists or masochists - avoid! Whenever you see a mahatma, run as fast as you can before he puts some guilt in your mind.

Whatsoever you can be you are. There is no goal. And we are not going anywhere. We are simply celebrating here. Existence is not a journey, it is a celebration. Think of it as a celebration, as a delight, as a joy! Don’t turn it into a suffering, don’t turn it into a duty, a work. Let it be play!

This is what I mean by becoming religious: no guilt, no ego, no trip of any kind.just being herenow.being with the trees and the birds and the rivers and the mountains and the stars.

You are not in a prison. You are in God’s house, you are in God’s temple. Please don’t call it a prison, it is not. You have misunderstood, you have interpreted it wrongly. Listening to me also you can interpret many things wrongly, you go on interpreting.

Two scenes. One..

The nurseryman who spoke at the garden club meeting placed emphasis on the advantage to be gained by the use of old horse manure for fertilizing spring gardens. During the question and answer period, a city lady who had been taking notes raised her hand. The speaker nodded to her and she earnestly inquired: “You said old horse manure was the best fertilizer. Would you mind telling me how old the horse should be?”

The second..

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