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Chapter 3: Stop Talking and Thinking

Make it a point: whatsoever - sadness, anger, whatsoever; depression, unhappiness - be with it. And you will suddenly become surprised that if you remain with sadness, sadness changes into a beautiful thing, sadness becomes a depth. If you remain with anger, not thinking about, just being with it, anger is transformed - it becomes forgiveness. If you remain with sex, sex takes on a different quality - it becomes love.

If you start living with the moment you will see your “being with” is a miracle, it has a magic to it. Happiness will become deeper. Ordinarily your happiness is just on the surface: deep down you carry millions of things; it is just on the surface. If you remain with it, it will become deeper and deeper and deeper. If you start living with it, everything is transformed because you bring a new quality of being, of awareness, of witnessing. Don’t fight against sadness and don’t hanker for happiness, because that is going away, astray.

Have you observed? - if you go for a holiday to the Himalayas or to Switzerland, for months you plan to arrive there, and the moment you arrive your mind has started already to plan when to depart, how to go back home. Look! For months you plan how to arrive and when you arrive - or even before you arrive, just on the way - your mind has started to go back: “How to depart?” Your every arrival is just the beginning of a departure. And you are never there because you cannot be there. Again, back home you will start thinking. Back home you will start thinking about what happened in the Himalayas, what beautiful experiences you went through - and you were never there. It is as if you have read about them, it is as if somebody else has told you. You look at the memory as if the memory functions on its own; it takes photographs and becomes an album. Back home you will open the album and see, and you will say to friends, “Beautiful!” And you will start planning - again next year you are going to the Himalayas.

Mind is never where you are: awareness is always there where you are. Drop more and more mind, and minding, and become more and more aware and alert. Bring yourself together in the moment.

It is difficult in the beginning. Mind, because of the old habit, will go away again and again. Bring it back. No need to fight; simply call it back: “Come.” Again it will go, within seconds it will not be there. Call it back again.

And by and by, when you start enjoying this moment - the eternal now, the only time that there is, the only existence that there is, the only life that there is - when you start enjoying it, the mind will be coming to it more and more; it will be going less and less..

Then a tuning happens. Suddenly you are here, at home, and the reality is revealed. The reality was always there, you were not there. It is not the truth which has to be sought, it is you who have to be brought home.

Enough for today.