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Chapter 4: Love Cannot Deliver the Goods

The first question:

When I feel deep love, I feel sad at the same time. Why?

Real love always brings sadness. It is inevitable - because love creates a space which opens new doors to your being. Love brings a twilight situation.

In the moment of love you can see what is unreal and what is real. In the moment of love you can see what is meaningless, what is meaningful, and at the same time you see you are rooted in the meaningless - hence sadness. In the moment of love you become aware of your ultimate potential, you become aware of the farthest peak, but you are not there - hence sadness.

You see a vision, but it is a vision, and within a moment it will be gone. It is as if God has spoken to you in a dream and when you are awake you miss it. You know something has happened, but it has not become a reality. It was just a passing breeze.

If love does not create sadness then know well it is not love. Love is bound to create sadness - the greater the love, the greater will be the sadness in the wake of it.

Love opens the door to God. Two hearts come close, very, very close, but in that very closeness they can see the separation - that is the sadness. When you are far away you cannot see it so clearly. You know you are separate, but when you desire to be one with somebody and you long for it and there is great passion for it, and you come close and you come close and then comes a moment when you are very, very close but beyond which you cannot go, you are stuck - suddenly you become sad. The goal is so close by and yet it is beyond reach.

Sometimes after love you will fall into a deep frustrating night. Those who have not known love have not known the real misery, they have not known the real anguish. They live a flat kind of life. They have not known the peaks so they are not aware of the valleys. They have not reached to the maximum so they think that whatsoever they are doing is what life is supposed to be like. In love, for a moment you become that which you should be. But it is only momentary.

If you want it to become an eternal reality for you then love itself is not enough - then prayer will be needed. Love makes you aware of this need, and unless you start moving in prayer, love will create more and more sadness.

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