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Chapter 4: Rising in Love

Those who are successful in life are the people who are living without love. Love and success cannot go together. Because for success a hardness is needed, and love does not allow you to be so hard. Love and money cannot be achieved together because to accumulate money violence is needed, and love cannot tolerate that much violence. There can be no relation between love and power because for power such a mad rush and cut-throat competitiveness is needed which love cannot allow.

Nanak’s father was worried because Nanak was not doing any work. Wherever he was sent he would create difficulties. One day he was sent with some money to buy some goods from a nearby village. He was told to keep the profit in mind - because business is done only for profit. Nanak said, “Don’t be worried, I will take care of the profit.”

He was returning from the other village after his shopping, and on the way he met a group of sages - they had not eaten for three days. He gave food to them, distributed blankets to them - he distributed everything, whatever he had bought - and very happily and dancing he returned home. His father saw him coming, dancing.certainly something must have gone wrong. Does a shopkeeper ever return home dancing? And he had no goods with him. He was coming alone and he was in such joy - certainly something or other had gone wrong.

The father asked, “What happened? What about the profit?”

Nanak said, “I did as you told me and we have earned a large profit. There were some sages who had not eaten for three days, and I was passing through that particular forest as if God himself had sent me.otherwise who would have given them food, who would have given them blankets? It is a great profit! We are blessed! I have seen the contentment on their faces as I put blankets on their bodies. And what profit this service will bring - it has brought the ultimate profit.”

Nanak’s father became angry because Nanak’s idea of profit seemed to be something else. It was not right to call that kind of profit “profit.” His father could not see what profit there was.

Seeing no other way, Nanak found work in the shop of a captain in the army. Nanak was put in charge of the storehouse. His job was to weigh things for people the whole day and to distribute them to everyone. But within two or three days things went wrong. When love comes into someone’s life, his life turns upside-down. The feet stagger.he becomes like a drunkard, drunk with the wine of love.

On the fourth or fifth day, as Nanak was weighing he got stuck at the number thirteen. In the Punjabi language thirteen is tera: it means “yours.” He counted: eleven, twelve, thirteen.and then he got stuck at thirteen, “yours.” By saying “tera” he remembered the divine - you and yours. Then he could not count further, then fourteen and fifteen did not come. Then he went on giving, he went on weighing and saying, “Yours. Now is there any number other than tera? The last number has arrived, God has arrived. What can come after that? There is nothing ahead and nothing beyond it.” The ultimate possibility had arrived: tera.

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