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Chapter 5: Her Only Companion Is Her Own Being

Nobody has ever heard of Charandas. It is only through the songs of Sahajo that the news of him spread. He had two disciples, Sahajo and Daya. They were like his two eyes, or the two wings of a bird. Both of them sang songs about Charandas; only then did people come to know about him.

Soon we will talk about Daya. And the flavor of both of them is so similar - it has to be, because the same master has saved them. Both of them had the grace of the same master and the same master’s heart was beating in both of them. Their songs are coming from the same source. So I have named this series of talks on Sahajo, Bin Ghan Parat Phuhar, Showering without Clouds. They are the words of Daya. When I talk on Daya the series of talks will be called, Jagat Tavaiya Bhor Ki, The World is Like the Fading Morning Star - as if the morning star is disappearing into the dawn.such is the world. Their hearts are beating with the same rhythm, so for Sahajo I have used the words of Daya and for Daya I will use the words of Sahajo.

What happened to Sahajo is that she was saved from drowning in the river of the world: she has experienced drowning and also she has experienced being saved. She has experienced being in the middle of the river and also being on the bank; she has experienced the distress of drowning and also the joy of being saved. So she is very close to your hearts. You will certainly understand half of it because you are also drowning, you know the fear of drowning. And if you understand that half, then your eyes will open to the other half. You will understand the other half too and you will know the joy of being saved.

Now try to understand these sutras.

No duality, no enmity.
Sahajo says: One is without desire.
In a state of contentment and purity,
There is no dependence on the other.

Three phrases: no duality, no enmity, no desire. As long as you live in duality, you will drown. To know the other as “other” is the cause of drowning. The day you know that there is no duality, that there is only one, you will be saved. The greatest illusion is to see the other as “other,” and the greatest revolution is to recognize yourself in the other.

The one who is sitting near you is not your neighbor, it is you. The form may be different, but deep inside it is the same heart beating. And deep inside, the nature of consciousness is the same. What is the difference between you and any other person? There are a thousand and one differences, and if you count the differences you will miss that which is the same. The differences are many, but hidden behind all the differences is that which has no differences. If you look only at the differences then you will see the world, not the divine. If you look at the one who is beyond all differences, then the world will disappear and the divine will appear.

To see the unity in diversity is to arrive at the temple of the divine.

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