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Chapter 6: Desireless Devotion

Sahajo, Kabir, Dadu - these are all the less well-built places, their piers are poorly built. There is no marble, no valuable stone on them. They are not like the ghats, the landing places at Kashi; they are the very crude boat-landing places of the forests - but even if you let your boat enter into the river from these you will still reach to the other shore.

Wherever there is a launching place you can go from there to the other shore, and even where there is no pier you can go to the other shore. If you are searching for a very cultured place to launch from, then there is Buddha’s pier and Shankara’s pier - they are well-refined, well-cultured, beautiful. The fear of slipping will be less. They are built with stones. There is also the pier of Sahajo. It is not leveled with stones, you can slip there, you will find mud there. But there is a different kind of joy when you let your boat enter the river from uneven banks.

At the well-built launching places there is a set routine: there are priests, there are guides; there is much noise and chaos. At the less well-built piers there is no one, you are alone. You have to enter into the boat trusting your own hands. There is no guide, no adviser, no one to give you a compass. There is also the possibility of getting lost. But then the thrill of arriving also becomes greater.

I say that the whole Ganges is divine. Now it will be a new song. And try to understand that I am also saying the same as Buddha, I am saying the same as Shankara; there is not even the slightest difference.

Still there will be differences in the language because the interests of people change, the way of people’s understanding changes, the collective mind changes - that is the reason.

And Shankara does not refute Buddha. How can Shankara refute Buddha? - Shankara’s whole being is supporting Buddha. In the deepest core Shankara is bowing to Buddha.

How can Buddha refute Shankara? How can Buddha refute the Vedas and the Upanishads? - although all the scholars say that he is against the Vedas! A scholar is blind; not only blind, but he is stupid also because even a blind man’s eyes can open, but no medicine can work on a stupid person. The stupid person is one who has the idea that he knows without really knowing. He is not even ready to get rid of his stupidity.

This is the only disease in the world, stupidity, where the sick person is not ready to get rid of it but protects it. That is why all diseases are curable except for stupidity. Jesus has rightly said, “I am running away from an idiot - don’t stop me, he is following me!” All miracles fail as far as the idiots are concerned.

The second question:

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