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Chapter 9: Save the Cat

At five I was waiting for him. He looked at me when the alarm went off. He looked at me - I was aware, I was sitting on my bed - he smiled, put off the alarm, changed sides and went to sleep again.

Later in the morning, at eight o’clock when he used to get up, I asked him about it. He said, “I thought, ‘Just for a few minutes..’ And what is wrong in just sleeping for a few minutes more? I was feeling so sleepy, and the night was so cold. But tomorrow you will see, I will get up.”

These are two different fragments - and he was not aware that the one who said, “Get up at five,” was a different part, completely unaware of the part who would say, “Go to sleep. The night is very cold.”

You are doing the same: you decide a thing and the next moment you have simply forgotten what you decided. You say you are not going to be angry again, and even the next moment is very far away. If someone starts arguing with you, saying no, you will become angry. You may become angry because he is arguing - immediately anger can come to you, and you had decided not to be angry. You are a divided house. There are many rooms in your house not connected with each other; the connections are broken, the bridges have dropped. You exist as a polypsychic being, with many minds, so whatsoever you possess you will chop it. You are already chopped.

Those monks could not save the cat because they were divided. Nansen was saying, “Do something, say something, in a whole way, in a holy way, undivided. Act as a unity and this cat can be saved.” Not a single one could act, and the cat was chopped.

A question arises: How could Nansen cut up the cat? Is it just a parable, a symbolic story, or did he really chop up the cat? There are people who would like to save Nansen; I am not one of them. He really did cut the cat. It is not a parable, it is not an anecdote, symbolic, metaphorical. No. Literally, it happened exactly the way it is said. He cut the cat in two. Can a saintly man do that? I say to you: only a saintly man can do that.

That’s what Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita: Then don’t bother! Chop these fellows. These who are standing against you, cut them down, kill them. Remember only one thing: that which is hidden in them cannot be destroyed. Only the body can be destroyed, because the body is already dead. Only the dead can be destroyed. The alive remains alive; it is eternal, nothing can be done to it. Fire cannot burn it, weapons cannot cut it. Nainam chhindanti shastrani - no weapon can cut it, no fire can burn it. Only the form.but don’t bother about the form, because form is unreal, it is part of illusion.

This Nansen must have been in the same state of mind as Krishna, in the same state of consciousness as Krishna. He chopped the cat. He knows the soul of the cat cannot be destroyed; he knows that only the form can be changed.

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