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Chapter 9: In Search of the Miraculous

And to be a scientist does not mean that you have to be a physicist or a chemist or this and that. To be a scientist means having a scientific approach. There are problems which can be tackled only by science. When somebody comes with an illness to me, I tell him to go to Navanit, to Darshan, to Amrit, to Hamid - go to the doctors. Your illness needs a scientific approach.

In India it happens that ill people go to the saints for their blessings, and the East has remained ill, poor, because of this nonsense. If you are poor, don’t go to the saints; go to the technologists, go to the scientists, go to the economists, inquire “Why are we poor?” But you go to the saints and inquire “Why are we poor?” You are foolish and so are your saints. And they answer you, why you are poor; they tell you, they have to, because when you question them they cannot show their ignorance. They tell you because in your past lives you have been committing so many sins, that’s why you are suffering. You ask a foolish question and you will get a foolish answer.

Go to the scientist when it is a question about the material world. And if you have fallen in love, then don’t go to a scientist - avoid him. Even if he meets you on the way, escape, because he will destroy your whole love. He will say, “It is all nonsense. It is just the attraction between female and male hormones - don’t be befooled. Those hormones are deceiving you.” Don’t go to the scientist; if you want to kiss your woman, don’t go to the scientist. He will say, “This is dangerous. All kinds of infections are possible. And millions of germs are transferred in a single kiss.” He will make you so afraid that even if you kiss, you will not be totally there in it. And you will start carrying Dettol and things like that with you - so kiss and then immediately wash, or before you kiss, wash.

Don’t go to the scientist when you are in love - go to the poet. He knows about love.

And when you want to know the ultimate mystery, the poet cannot be of much help either; he remains on the surface. When you want to know the ultimate mystery, go to a mystic, become a disciple to a master, because those secrets can only be imbibed in deep trust, surrender, love.

The second question:

Today you said to be constant is to be stupid. The truth cannot change; it remains forever constant. Now what?

I have not said that to be constant is to be stupid - I had certainly said to be consistent is the way of the mediocre mind, the stupid mind. But don’t you see the difference between being constant and being consistent?

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