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Chapter 14: To Fly Is Your Birthright

So the inner sense records everything. But it is because of their allegiance to truth that seers have called it inference of the mind, because the mind was not present there and whatsoever it is now saying is information supplied to it by its inner sense. And mind is aware that there is a possibility of flaws in that information.

Hence there is one more interesting point to be properly understood. When a Hindu returns from samadhi, or when a Mohammedan or a Christian or a Jaina returns from samadhi, their minds give a slightly different version of the information because there are differences in the make-up of the devices which are their minds. The experience of samadhi is the same, but the make-up of the minds is different.

A person who is born in a Jaina family has a conscience developed in the manner of Jainism, and his being a Jaina has entered the mechanism of his mind. He has heard since his very childhood that there is no God, so it has become a built-in process in his mind that there is no God. His mind has also heard that the ultimate experience is that of the soul and not of God. This mind is manufactured and conditioned, so when samadhi happens it is this very mind which will record the event.

Samadhi is the same to whomsoever it happens, but our minds are different - and it is the mind that will record the experience. A Jaina mind knows that there is no God, the ultimate experience is that of soul, there is no experience beyond it; or, this experience itself is God, there is no other God than this experience itself. Now such a mind will immediately record the samadhi experience as, “The ultimate experience of soul is happening.”

A Hindu has heard about the experience of God and has the information that what the experience is when the soul dissolves within is the experience of God. His mind will record, “This is seeing God.” The happening is the same, but in this case it is God being experienced.

The mind of a Buddhist who believes neither in the soul nor in God will record neither of the two. His mind will say, “Nirvana has happened, you have become a void, a nothingness.”

This is the reason scriptures differ, because scriptures are records of different minds, not of the actual experiences. This is why there will be differences between the Hindu scriptures, the Jaina scriptures and the Buddhist scriptures. Sometimes the differences will even look contradictory, because the mind is limited by the words available and they are learned. Mind is knowledge, a learned thing, a manufactured thing.

Let us understand it this way, putting religion aside. Let us say you have learned Sanskrit or Greek or Arabic, so your mind has known one language. Now there is not even a question of any language during the happening of samadhi, but the mind will record the experience in the language it knows. The one who knows Arabic can never say that it was the happening of samadhi - the very word samadhi is not known to that mind. So a Sufi will say fana - he has remained no more. But the meaning is the same.

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